Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Zartan...Cobra in disguise ...

Every time I read that title I sing it with the Transformers theme song going through my head. Just sayin'

So this sketch is for the amazing Jennifer Bennet's boyfriend. Let me explain.

Jennifer is this outstanding artist/craftswoman that makes magic from her sowing machine. And by magic I mean superhero plush dolls. Before you make fun of me for being so in love with these dolls, check out this link.

Okay, now we're on the same page, and you know why I'm so amazed. I first saw Jennifer's work at the Heroes con this last summer in Charlotte. Then again this last Oct. in Raleigh NC. We were able to work out a trade, I was able to get the Turtles across the top and Mr. T on the bottom in exchange for some artwork for her boyfriend. 

My brother Brian is now the proud owner of the Mr. T and is giving him a good home. But man as I stood in the glory of these amazing things, I could have just as easily flipped over the Thundercats, Cobra troopers, Destro sitting over there on the right, He-Man and Skeletor, Ghostbusters....the list goes on. Alright, enough gushing, be sure to check out Jennifer's blog, she updates very regularly and is pretty darn hilarious. 

And here is the Zartan sketch that we did a nifty trade for.

Zartan - 177

I'm excited because I'll get to do another Zartan soon. I have one lined up in my commission list. Growing up Zartan and Destro were my favorite Cobra characters, and Snake Eyes, Flint and Lady Jaye were my favorite Joes. I'ts been awhile since I had drawn Zartan though, I think it's been 5 years since I did the issue of Dreadnoks Declassified for Devil's Due Publishing.

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  1. Can't wait to see how the commission turns out. This is awesome

  2. awesome one sir! Keep up[ the great work, hope you had an amazing Christmas and an even better New Year! Chat soon.

  3. That expression on Zartan's face makes me wonder what he's thinking, and why he's going with the gun option rather than relying on disguise, or if the two are somehow connected... but now... besides having the Transformers theme stuck in my head (auugh!)... MUST. GET. PLUSHIES!!!!!!! If Jennifer does a Snake Eyes, I am SO sunk... I love her TMNTs!