Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Harry Potter

This is a small sketch I did for someone, I want to say congrats to! Chris and his wife just had a baby girl and they were decorating their nursery with an owl theme. I believe with other Harry Potter art as well. I'm doing this sketch and another I will post tomorrow for them. I thought I had time to get it done, but she was born a few weeks premature. Man, nothing like a deadline that jumps up on you like that. whew.

Still I wanted to make sure I had these done by Christmas and didn't want to put them off any further. Similar to my last Harry and Hedwig, but this is just 5x7 inches and couldnt get too complicated. It's a good pose to show both Harry and Hedwig, and there wasn't any need for an action shot or anything too dynamic. Fun to do for sure.

Harry Potter and Hedwig - 149

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


The one GI JOE that can tear up a VAMP faster than VanHelsing!

Clutch has always been a cool character, and we've not seen a whole lot of him in the IDW run. I only got to draw him a few times. Often I drew the A.W.E Striker with Crankcase at the wheel in the books I worked on. I threw in a VAMP as often as I could in atleast the backgrounds and anytime I could sneak in a vehicle. The Vamp is one of my favorite Joe vehicles, and that being the case Clutch was never far removed.

This is just a quick head sketch in the back of my art book for someone. He had been waiting for this, and I needed to get going on a page asap to stay on schedule. Lotsa stuff to do!

Drawn with a black coloring pencil, about 20-30 min.

GI JOE Clutch - 148

Art Books are available to purchase - $15 + $5 shipping.
If you would like an additional head sketch, Include $20 and the character you would like.
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Monday, November 28, 2011

Cobra Commander 9th Grade....

I thought about having him shout "Retreat!!!" ....but that was the cartoon fan in me and I didnt want to ruin a cool sketch, heh. This sketch presented an interesting challenge in getting the Cobra logo on the book. I could have freehanded it, but it certainly wouldnt have looked quite accurate. Over the years this symbol has been a work in progress. It's actually very hard to draw freehand and get it exactly symmetrical every time.

 Sometimes I print it out and light box the symbol to get it draw accurately in the book, but with this blank cover that wasnt practical. So I created a stencil out of vellum, and cut out the symbol, then used that to draw on the cover and clean it up in ink. That's the old school way to do it. Maybe with all this technology there's an easier way, but that just seemed the simplest way to get it done.

I'm glad I took the time to do it though, I like how this came out. I never get tired of drawing the Commander, that's for sure!

Sketch Cover Cobra Commander - 147

If you want to read some classic stories about Cobra Commander specifically, IDW put together this great trade that is the "Best WORST of Cobra Commander"
You can find that book and other discounted comics here:

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Spider-Man 8th Grade...

Moving right up on these graded books! Just a few sketch covers left to do. This was a fun request, doing a beat up, or battled Spider-Man with Storm Shadow's sword.  It was that twist at the end that made it a story. I wanted to push that a bit and show the remains of a destroyed HISS tank in the back. Seems like it was quite a battle!

This was also a great chance to work on figure study, I wanted to focus on the hands and body posture to suggest the weight of exhaustion.

Sketch Cover Spider-Man w/ Sword - 146

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Alucard...Son of Dracula! Simon strikes again....

Not that Belmont guy, I mean Simon GOUGH!  Im going to have to start calling this the ROBERT ATKINS/ SIMON GOUGH Art Blog. I've really enjoyed working with Simon on all these various projects. He's also been coloring up each of the covers I do for Snake Eyes over at IDW each month. He's doing a bang up job for those as well. Those covers are a big part of why I've been so busy lately. Between daily sketches, penciling and inking covers, and doing my best to keep up with my comic pages, it's really been a gauntlet of a week.

So here is another of the Castlevania Week sketches done around Halloween, that Simon is coloring up. My friend Quinn, who provided all the helpful info about the property and characters that week, is putting together an amazing comic pitch for Castlevania. It's got me really excited and the pitch book is coming together very nicely with the addition of these colors.

Alucard Colors - 145

Check out Simon Gough's art gallery at Deviant Art!

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Iron Fist 7th Grade....

Back to the group of blank covers. I had to take a break due to work schedule and being out of town a bit for the holidays. Since these aren't just 30 min warm ups I have to pick and choose when I can do them around my deadline schedule.

I really do enjoy doing them though. I like the challenge of finding a small bit of storytelling or placing the figure in a scene that informs the character.  It's a cool problem to solve at the beginning of the day!

Sketch Cover Iron Fist - 144

This version of Iron Fist was introduced in the Matt Fraction run. I really enjoyed these books, Orson Rand was  breath of fresh air, and really brought to life the idea that the Iron Fist is a Legacy type character. 

You can find this run of books here for 42% off cover price at

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Apocalypse NOW....

Another Quick Post!

I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! I had the chance to visit my wife's family at her Aunt and Uncle's house. I was surprised when I got there, here Uncle Tom is turning their TV room into an art gallery of my work! I've drawn a couple Wonder Woman commissions for my Aunt. Tom also found online or local shops all the GI JOE #1 covers for the IDW relaunch and put them in this giant frame all together. Most were signed by Chuck Dixon, which is pretty cool. Not sure where he got them. Anyway, I had a great day with them and a lot of fun with family. 

Today's sketch is a color job of a previous X-Men Month Sketch. Simon Gough is helping me out here getting all these done, there are 30 total, so we still have a ways to go!

X-Men Colors - 143

Check out Simon Gough's gallery here at Deviant Art!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Snake Eyes...goin' Commando!

Very quick post today. Im on the road for the holidays. Working up a Commando Snake Eyes for a commission. I realized this is the first time I have ever drawn him in this version, less ninja, more soldier.

I mentioned to my wife that I was drawing Commando SnakeEyes and she just bursts out laughing...I was like "what's so funny!?!" feeling a little offending and defensive for the character that I love to draw so much. It took me a few moments to finally get what made her laugh. I had to explain that SnakEyes is geared up like a commando, he isn't "Going Commando".....there is a BIG difference. And honestly, hey, who's to say if he is or isn't...that's up to Snake eyes and none of my business.

Commando Snake Eyes - 142

Sorry, not the best scan, but like I said on the road. This is a commission for Jon Thurmond, just barely started the inks and thought to scan it.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

SnakeEyes Vs. Zartan....Who's Cooler?

Quick post tonight. I'm beat and I've been working all day. I took a little break to go to the movies with my wife, which is so nice to get out of the studio for a bit. But I've had a ton of fun the last couple of days banging out a few new covers for the Snake Eyes series.

I had to keep my sketch to the minimum 30 min. I think this took probably 20 actually, but I couldn't spare much more than that due to deadline work. Since Snake Eyes was on my mind, I doodled up a quick kick (wink) and then I thought for a second who he should be sending into next week. Introduce Zartan on the business end of Snake Eyes' boot!

When I first got into GI Joe, these two characters were my absolute favorite good guy and bad guy. As it turns out, my first two solo penciling gigs in comics were Snake Eyes: Declassified and Dreadnoks: Declassified for Devil's Due Publishing. My lucky day they were the lead characters in both!

So just a quick sketch today to warm up, tomorrow I should have time to get back to a blank cover again!

Snake Eyes and Zartan - 141

9x12 Ink on Sketchbook Paper.
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Monday, November 21, 2011

Repeating Grades....

I wanted to post some examples of other sketch covers I've done. You can see here how they are collected, graded, and then sealed to keep their quality rating.

Sketch Covers - 140

I still have a few of these left to do from that current batch. I will be wrapping them up before Thanksgiving!

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Snake Eyes Original Art Available!

I still have some pages of original art available from my first run on the IDW Snake Eyes series issues #1-4.
Issue #1 is sold out, and I have been to a couple shows with the pages so they are going quickly.

However, since I did less shows than normal this last year and I don't have an art rep, I wanted to let anyone interested know what pages are still available.

 Here is the list of pages I still have.

Issue #2:
5, 8,14,15,16,17,18,19, 20,

Issue #3
2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 10,16, 20, 21

Issue #4
4 (Slice and Dice vs SE), 5, 6,17, 

Generally my pages are priced at $40-$75 each for interior pages and they are just the finished pencils.  Shipping will be an added $7 and includes tracking and insurance. I will combine shipping for multiple pages. Also if more than 2 pages are selected I will discount the bundle of pages before you checkout with me.  Thanks for all your support!

Here are a few examples of the available pages. The issues and page #'s are at the top. If you have any price questions on specific pages please email me at








 My inker for the book, Juan Castro, lives in Mexico and he owns the inked versions of these pages and others throughout the issues. If you would like to contact him directly for the pages he has, you can contact him through his email at

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Storm Shadow 6th Grade...

Man these covers are cruisin' right along. Just a few more days and they'll be wrapped up. I'm really having fun with these and considering how much I used to dread them, that's sayin' something......BUT before I go on and on with too much praise, there was a wrench thrown into this crazy cover sketching machine I'm becoming.

This cover is from an old Devil's Due mini series called Storm Shadow. Written by Larry Hama,  and edited by my good friend Mike O'Sullivan, I really liked this series. There was a variant cover to issue #1 that just had the Arashikage ninja clan symbol in red on a white background. The back of the book was blank. This was all before the blank cover craze hit, and we've got someone with the awesome idea, that this is a chance to get some cool Storm Shadow cover art!

Now I am in no way, knockin' the idea. I actually really like the concept. But in practice, this cover stock was hands down, without question, the WORST paper I have EVER tried to ink on. Im not complaining, Im just stating a very clear fact. Ha, man I thought Fallen Son covers were bad, I thought that last X-Men cover was a pain, GOOD NIGHT! I tried penciling on this cover and nothing would show up. Seriously nothing. I was able to make a few marks that would engrave a line into the stock. I quickly realized there wasnt going to be any redrawing or I would have an engraved maze of lines and I'd be Etching instead of Sketching. As soon as I had the figure very basically suggested I started inking. I knew I was going to do some kind of background, but I was still trying to picture what I wanted as I worked.

After 3 different brands of pens I found one that would actually keep a mark on the paper. While this still smeared in a couple of little places, it all stayed pretty well. Storm Shadow is one of my favorite characters that I rarely get to draw, and I love Japanese architecture, so in spite of the actual experience, this was one of my favorites so far.

Sketch Cover Storm Shadow - 139

For other great Storm Shadow stories IDW collected the 
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Friday, November 18, 2011

X-Men 5th Grade...

Alright Brad, you're the one....heh So out of this whole batch I had one....Just one who sent me one of the old covers to draw on. rackafrackahrmmm...

heh, I'm kidding, it wasn't terribly frustrating. As I mentioned in a previous post before this became such a collectors' hobby Marvel and other companies were printing these blank covers with still very glossy thin cover stock. It made it very difficult to see a pencil line, and even harder to find a pen that wouldn't smear the second your had touched the surface. Sometimes even HOURS after you inked the cover.

This Astonishing X-Men cover wasn't as bad, and I've since found very good pens for these surfaces. That really helped this time around. Also this cover presented a very interesting challenge. There is already a drawing of Wolverine on the cover. Like a visual prompt, the challenge is to place him in a scene that plays off of Wolverine acting so out of his trademark grim and gritty character. Here is the cover as I received it:

Wolverine art by John Cassaday

For this cover Brad (I'm taking a second to shake my fist) asked for The Incredible HULK! When Wolverine first appeared in Marvel comics he was put in a fight between the HULK and the Wendigo (a white furred Canadian Sasquatch). I think seeing such  small and scrappy character pitted against these two huge monsters and holding his own, set the tone for how awesome Wolverine would eventually become! I've never drawn this encounter or even referenced it in a sketch and tried to homage that scene. My idea was HULK thinking "You're next!" and Ol' Logan being intimidated by how he handled the Wendigo. Fun stuff. 

HULK Wendigo Cover - 138

For the other Hulk and Wolverine sketches, 
they are in my 50 page art book called
Atkins: Declassified
I still have a few copies left for $15 each with $3 shipping.

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Deadpool 4th Grade...

Deadpool = what would happen if you had a mash up of Spiderman and SnakeEyes and a crazy person.

I've always enjoyed drawing Deadpool, he's definitely a character I would have fun with in a book. I like drawing the combat, weapons, fighting action. Then on top of it, you have a ridiculously lunatic character and all the shenanigans that's sure to entail.

I had a sketch started with a classic Deadpool pose of him jumping at you with the two swords...I'm sure that would have worked. I think this still has the dynamics, but you get a sense of his character. My 4th Graded book....

Sketch Cover Deadpool - 137

For the other Spiderman, SnakeEyes AND Deadpool sketches, 
they are in my 50 page art book called
Atkins: Declassified
I still have a few copies left for $15 each with $3 shipping.

Like I said in my Thor post, Adonis has put this whole group of sketches together for me! 
I wanted to send you all over to his awesome collection of cover sketches you can find them 

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Snake Eyes 3rd Grade....

A few years ago this theme started with another sketch on a blank comic cover. It was the Death of Captain America, and Marvel ran a blank cover variant for that issue. Back then the cover stock to draw on was absolutely terrible, ah man did I hate doing these covers back then. Eventually publishers went with a more art friendly drawing surface on these covers, and I am really enjoying it now.

But on that old DoCA cover someone asked for Snake Eyes holding Captain America's shield. Having never thought to mash together two of my favorite characters of all time, I jumped at the chance. Since then I've been asked to do this a few times now, and I love it every time. My 3rd graded cover is...

Sketch Cover SnakeEyes w/ Cap's Shield - 136

For the other Cap Shield Snake Eyes sketches, they are in my 50 page art book called
Atkins: Declassified
I still have a few copies left for $15 each with $3 shipping.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thor 2nd Grade ...

Thor again, heh. I've been such a big fan of the new launch of Thor from a few years ago that I will never get tired of drawing this version of him. Coipel is a fantastic artist, and he certainly came up with a classic design that is going to last.

Here is another sketch cover for the group of books that I will be drawing on. Not much to say technically, but that I wanted an iconic looking shot with a lot of weight to it. The collector (and the guy who put this all together for me, thanks Adonis!) asked that I incorporate the lighting. And here's the end result. On to another!

Thor Sketch Cover - 135

My wife thinks I spend too much time on these....I dont think Adonis minds though.

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Spider-Man 1st grade...

This coming week isn't exactly a theme week, but there is going to be a common element to the next 10 drawings I post. I was contacted by a friend whom I've finished commissions for and I met at conventions, and I was asked to do 10 blank comic book cover sketches to be graded.

There is a growing trend in the last few years for comic publishers to do an extra run of books for a particular issue. On those extra books the cover is left blank. These books are then collected by fans and it has become a hobby for many to find artists and commission an original cover to be drawn on their own book. Now this book becomes one of a kind, the key to any great collectible!

That alone is quite interesting and makes the comic valuable, certainly to the owner, but possibly to others as well. If the artist who has drawn on the cover is well known, OR the art is of a high enough quality the value of this "original" book increases. To take that a step further, this hobby has been combined with another, to have your comics "graded" through the C.G.C. (Certified Guaranty Company). The C.G.C. have trained evaluators on staff who will put a grade of 1-10 on the book which is then sealed and packed in a plastic case. The grade and a verification is placed on the plastic case to ensure and record it's preserved quality.

So now, collector's are getting these one of a kind books sketched on and then graded to increase that one of a kind value. This combination, when done right, is making these blank comics quite the collector's item. And here I thought as soon as I was out of art school, I wouldnt have to worry about the grade I was getting for my work!?!

I have 10 of these to work though, fairly random characters, though you might see a trend here pretty soon. heh. First up...

Amazing Spider-man issue #648 Cover - 134

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Castlevania Simon Belmont, Now in Technicolor!

Or basically just colored. So not a new sketch, but certainly worth taking a look. Once again my appropriately named colorist, Simon, did a bang up job on this character piece.

When I did the layouts, it was with the intention that this could be viewed as a comic cover or strategy guide cover art. The colors Simon brought to the piece do a phenomenal job of setting the mood and capturing the tone of Castlevania.

You can check out Simon Gough's other work here at his

Castlevania Week's Simon Belmont Colors - 133

Be sure to check out Konami's Facebook page for the official Castlevania property updates!
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Link to the Black and White line art for Simon Belmont

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kitty finally done

And not much to say about this one, except it took waaaay longer than it should have.

Kitty Pryde Ink final - 132

Friday, November 11, 2011

Almost there...

Everyonce in a while I have every intention of staying up late and getting that full night's work in, then in trying to get kids asleep I end up asleep as well. I'm still recovering from the convention last weekend I think. At any rate I didn't get as much work done, or my sketch done last night. I've inked this much so far and that will have to do. So just part of the process again.

Kitty Pryde Inks - 131

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kitty Kitty Bang Bang....

Kitty Pryde, or Shadowcat on the X-men was a character I really wanted to get to during X-Men month. I had even drawn the initial layout for the sketch but for whatever reason couldn't get to it in Sept. Here is the rough pencils, I will be inking this probably  for tomorrow's sketch. The pencils take about 30 min. and the inks take 30-60 min. So it really makes sense with my schedule to break it up.

The sketch itself will go to a good friend Mike O'Sullivan! Who is hands down, the biggest Kitty Pryde and Lockheed fan I know. His cat is named Lockheed...Im not kidding. For that reason alone he probably deserves this sketch. But beyond that, Mike is a good friend from my graduate school days at S.C.A.D. Then as it turned out, Mike gave me my first solo job in comics with Snake Eyes: Declassified over at DDP publishing when they had the GI Joe License. It's because of Mike that I've been so involved with the GI Joe license for the last 6 years or so. With a HUGE Thanks to Mike, this sketch will be for him.

Kitty Pryde herself has always represented the youthful side of the X-Men from her Sprite days. The X-Men issue I remember most as a kid was actually #139 which is her first appearance on the team. That whole beginning danger room scene I had as a reprinted black and white comic, which I promptly used as a coloring book.  Before Jubilee, or New Mutants, she was the character that brought the innocence and youthful compassion to the team. In recent years there has been this alien race that wanted to destroy earth. I wont get into the details except to say they shot a gigantic bullet at our planet....I know.

So given Kitty's powers to become intangible or make whatever she touches intangible she volunteers to save the planet by phasing it through earth as it went by. The downside being she was  stuck in the bullet for a year flying through space. Ever since this crazy thing happened I don't think her character has been handled all that well. They've done they best they could with a weird predicament she was placed in, and getting her back to earth, but thats about it.  Still it doesn't change how cool she is, or the potential that will always be there for the character.

Kitty Pryde - 130

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I wanted to go with something a little lighter, something not as dark as my recent pieces for Castlevania. Don't get me wrong, I had fun working with all the shadow's and creepiness, but this seemed like a breath of fresh air. Also I need to get back to the quicker sketches. I love putting all the detail in, but I was getting into the habit of doing full on commissions. Heck even more complicated than my commissions with the recent themes.

I will still keep my theme sketches much tighter in general, but I like having some random characters in between that I can play with and loosen up a bit. I know I drew Angel already for the X-Men theme week. You can see that one here:

But I wanted to focus on his wings in that one and there wasn't much of the character shown. So in this one it's brings the focus more to Warren. This took about 45-60 min. or so. Which was my initial plan for these to begin with.

Angel - 129

This is also a great chance to give a quick X-Men Month colors update with the latest contributions

For the other X-Men Month colored versions check out these two Previous Posts!

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Castlevania's Dracula!

Here we are finally at the end with our main villain of the Castlevania series, Dracula! He has certainly undergone many redesigns over the many incarnations of the game. I believe my favorite to be this one, where he look more regal with the white hair and ornate costume. Also as I was researching out Dracula for the games, there are a lot of pictures of him looking stoic or menacing. Which is quite cool, don't get me wrong, but I couldn't find anything that shows him actually using his powers that he displays in the games. I obviously couldn't show them all, they range from producing and propelling fire from his hands, the control of bats, turning to mist and/or animals.

With this sketch I wanted to put as much of that in as possible and give a sense of the main boss that you fight throughout these games.

Overall it has been great fun to visit these characters. I'd love to do more, but I already expanded my week to accommodate a few more Belmonts than I intended. Possibly in the future I can get back into the various side characters that make this property so awesome! Thanks for all the support and patience this week. It's been a crazy one for sure!

Castlevania Week: Dracula - 128

“Over the centuries, my hatred for the miserable rabble of humanity grew, as did my power. And the Crimson Stone…it became a part of me, weaved into the very fibers of my being, making me more than immortal…it made me into a deity, entitled to remake this world in the fires of Chaos.”

I just rambled on without knowing ANYTHING about the character. For a more capable description here are Quinn's comments on Dracula:

"What would Castlevania be without Count Dracula? He’s the Prince of Darkness, King of the Vampires, Evil Incarnate, with an insatiable desire to obliterate mankind and remake the world in the forge of Chaos. Only the Belmont clan can stand in his way, and it’s their cursed fate to do so again and again all throughout the annals of history, since Dracula is resurrected every hundred years…unless called back early by the evil in men’s hearts. He always comes back with his confidence unshaken by his past defeats, suggesting the unsettling notion that he’s got something up his jet-black sleeve.

What makes him an even more interesting character is his secret history as a human, a man who once fought for the Church as a holy knight. What drove him to become an immortal master of the undead? This fascinating story is told in the PS2 game “Castlevania: Lament of Innocence,” but in my comic book treatment I delve even deeper into his mysterious past and what made him into the vampire he is today."

Thanks again to Quinn for contributing the descriptions and quotes for this week's theme. 
You can check out his work and other projects at:

All the Castlevania characters and property is copyrighted to Konami!
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Original Art for Sale - $60 + $6 shipping
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Monday, November 7, 2011

Leon Belmont

Alright, finally we're back to Castlevania week and my blog header can make sense again. Sorry for the break in the theme, but it couldn't be helped. While at the convention, if I was going to be sketching I needed it to be for the people there instead of just for myself.

Which brings us back to the blast I've had working on these Castlevania characters. With each sketch I do, it makes me want to spend more time playing the games, but then when would I find time to do my sketching!?!  Still, I can atleast appreciate the amazing designs and rich history in the game from the outside looking in.

Without knowing much at all about this character, more than anything I was drawn to the "look" he had. Layers of complexity in design. Very cool stuff to work with. This whole theme week has been taking classic Castlevania designs, throwing my style over it and trying to make them as dynamic as possible.

Castlevania Week: Leon Belmont - 127

I just rambled on without knowing ANYTHING about the character. For a more capable description here are Quinn's comments on Leon Belmont:

"Leon is the first of the Belmont family to come up against the forces of darkness, in "Castlevania: Lament of Innocence," taking place in 1094. A knight working for the Church, Leon forsakes his title and his sword when his betrothed, Sara Trantoul, is kidnapped by the vampire Walter Bernhard. His quest to save her leads to the creation of the Vampire Killer whip, and forges the eternal fate of his clan in their vigil to keep Dracula in his coffin."

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

"Keep your Green hands to yourself!"

Today was the second and last day of the NC Comic Con in Raleigh. I had a great time, the show was nice and busy, especially the first day. The convention is actually in the Morrisville Mall. They split up the convention in to various empty store fronts. Each store area was it's own con room. They split Artist Alley into 2 rooms, there is a Dealer room, and a Panel Discussion room.
Dr. Fate's awesome Helmut!

 They ran art contests for various age groups and did a costume contest the second day. My vote was for Dr. Fate, he was totally rockin' a homemade helmut that would have made my son jealous!

Generally shows I've been at where the rooms are split up don't seem to be as successful if you're in artist alley. Attendees that are interested in talking to artists or purchasing work or books from artists will seek you out, and those are the sales you can expect anyway. But what you loose is the impulse buyer who after making their toy, comic, collectible purchases will wonder artist alley and something might catch their eye. If I'm in a different part of the building, even sometimes in an adjacent room out of sight, I miss getting to talk to those people

For a combination of reasons, this show was different. Great volunteers that were helpful, Clear and Visible signage to direct you where to go, and plenty of space to walk around without feeling cramped. It seemed like no one was stuck off in a corner, but each of us had visible and easily accessible tables for the attendees to find us. It was just a great, well run show. I believe they had an attendance of around 3,000. That was speculative when I had to leave, but Im curious to hear a total number. It's their 3rd year running, and seems to grow each year. Huge pat on the back to Eric Hoover for coordinating the show and thank you for bringing me down!

Con Sketch: Black Canary - 126

 I did this Black Canary sketch between 3am-5am Sun morning. I had just finished that Red Lantern piece. It was late, but I knew I had to get this done since it was in a sketchbook full of various artist sketches and the attendee needed their book back. The whole book was full of amazing Black Canary sketches, and that's always intimidating. I tried to find an angle that still shows her costume clearly, but also keep from repeating something already in the book. Each time I get a sketch book to draw in, I flip through it and consciously try to add something unique to it. Here is me around 1-2 am as I was looking for reference on my iPad while sketching.

This is pretty usual for me to be up all night during conventions doing as many sketches as I can possibly get to. I'm very rarely the first to bed, and often still up when we all start getting ready for the next day. Luckily the other guys don't mind me having a lamp on through the night. However, last year in New York we had 4 guys in this tiny room. It didn't have a desk and there wasn't a lamp to turn on. I ended up sitting on the floor with a board outside the bathroom. I turned on the bathroom light and cracked the door just enough to put light on my page. I was up all night that time around too. oy.  I never said con life was easy, but hey, I figure I can always sleep on the plane!