Tuesday, January 31, 2012

JLA - Superman...

I got a little behind on my JLA month because I took 2 days with Etrigan the Demon and I took 2 days with Mr. Miracle and Big Barda. So I couldn't just leave a JLA month hanging with out doing Superman and tomorrow I will work up a Wonder Woman to finish it out.

For the comics, I actually enjoy superman more when he is teamed up with Batman or the rest of the JLA. I like how other characters play off him or react to him. That he can inspire awe, or courage with the other Heroes. Also there is a great alternate reality take on Superman that I love, called Superman: Red Son. Its a "What if.." story exploring if Superman landed in the U.S.S.R instead of America!

Superman is tough for me, like the Hulk and a few other characters, they have such a distinct look that it's hard to capture. It's just a character that I would have to draw quite a bit more before I felt comfortable with the look of him. Mostly I realized he looks more like Superman with less muscle definition and more a suggestion of mass. There are a few other things like that I picked up on with this sketch, but I would say I need a few more to really nail it down.

Still, fun to do and a better Superman sketch than my last one. Thats the whole point,  right? Progress!

JLA Jan. - Superman - 211

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Monday, January 30, 2012

JLA -Batman....

Batman, also easily in my top 10 DC characters. I tend to like the street level heroes, I find their stories more relatable and compelling. There are writers who have been able to take Superman or Green Lantern show that humanity, which makes it more personal, but over all I think it's more often done with characters like Batman and his core books.

One of my favorite runs on the book was the Hush series written by Jeph Loeb and drawn by Jim Lee. I thought it was a great self contained 12 issue series that explored a lot of the things that makes Batman so cool. A great variety of villains, and showcasing his cast of other members of the Bat-Family. But there are certainly other fantastic story arcs, or mini series that do this as well. You can get the Hush book for 40% off, or other great Batman titles from my blog sponsor:

On the sketch, with characters like Batman or those that have a darker feel to them, I found I couldn't be afraid to let the shadows bleed together. However you have to be very mindful of the silhouette it creates so things don't get confusing or lost in the shadows. Your eye will connect lines if I leave them as suggestions, or your mind will separate elements if I've combined them in shadow. For example how his right arm disappears around the top of his bicep. You know approximately where that should connect, so I don't need to define it. I can let that arm fall into the cast shadow, and your mind finishes it. Often this is how you can achieve a sense of from and mass in your line art.

JLA Jan. - Batman - 210

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

JLA - Green Lantern...

As it turns out there are quite a few Green Lanterns to choose from  when it comes to the JLA. I put it out on Twitter to see which GL people wanted me to draw for JLA month.  I was just going to take whoever tallied up 5 votes first. Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, John Stewart or Guy Gardner were the choices. Hal took the early lead, but surprisingly Guy and John had a rush there towards the end. Kyle was getting to be neck and neck with Hal, and I posted finally that the tally was Hal - 4, Kyle - 4, Guy- 3 and John -2. Within seconds I had a flurry of votes that put Hal and Kyle both at 8 votes, well above the limit. By the way, this all happened in a matter of 5 minutes this morning right before I got to work.

I decided to go with Kyle Rayner since I haven't had the chance to draw him before, and I've already drawn Hal and some other Green Lanters for the blog here:

So here we go, the Green Lantern of the 90's and early 2000's -

JLA Jan. - Green Lantern - 209

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

JLA - Flash...

The Flash is another cool legacy character. At any given time there could easily be 4 Flashes running around the DC Universe. Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, Wally West and Bart Allen have all been the resident speedster at any given time.

I think just because of my age and when I started reading comics, Wally is the Flash Im most familiar with. Though I think the most substantial transition I've read regarding these 4 was Bart leaving behind the childish "Impulse" persona and officially becoming Kid Flash. But that again is mostly due to only reading DC Comics on a regular basis for the last 7-8 years.

Over all I love how Wally adds that much needed light heartedness to the big guns of the JLA team. I also enjoy when writers have been creative with the use of his power and how he defeats his rogues gallery. Very cool stuff! The only books I've read recently that focused on the Flash is the Geoff Johns/ Francis Manapul run on the book. Which does have a great combination of showing him use his powers creatively and give you a sense of his character. It's starts with the trade called "The Flash: The Dasterdly Death of the Rogues" You can get it for 40% off at my blog's sponsor INSTOCK TRADES!

JLA Jan. - Flash - 208

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Friday, January 27, 2012

JLA - Aquaman....

Hey all, just a super quick post today, I gotta run. But here is the first of the what I consider the "big leagues" in the JLA.

Aquaman, I'm loving his current run on the new 52 run of books for DC Comics. If you get the chance, its a very fun book.

JLA Jan. - Aquaman - 207

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

JLA -Green Arrow...

Good Ole' Ollie Queen! Green Arrow is also in my top 10 DC characters,  I really dig this character. He's someone I'd love to take a stab at drawing the book. I haven't had the chance to draw him that much, just a few commissions. I like his fighting style, and of course anyone with weapons and gear I enjoy drawing. Artistically characters with swords or bows help create a great silhouette for the character. You can recognize who it is even in shadow, or when they are jumping around, it helps the dynamics of the figure.

I've previously drawn Green Arrow with the hooded costume, so for this sketch I wanted to do the classic Robin Hood look.

Of course if you know Green Arrow, you've seen his relationship with Black Canary, another favorite character of mine. For me, thats one of my favorite relationships in comics. Over all I really like the character, and this was a fun chance to try my hand with the character.

JLA Jan. - Green Arrow - 206

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

JLA - Vixen...

This is a character that I've only really been introduced to in recent years. I know she's been around awhile, (early 1980's) but I was first reading her in the Brad Meltzer run on the JLA books. Then I noticed her more and more as she appeared on the various DC animated cartoons. She was in Justice League Unlimited and again in Batman Brave and the Bold. It's interesting how that Batman cartoon was all but a full on Justice League cartoon by the end of it.

Vixen's power is to appropriate the attributes of whatever animal she can think of. It used to be limited to what animals were around her, but it has since expanded globally. Also she can combine these animals attributes.  This is often shown in comics as a ghosted image of the animal she is channeling.

It kind of makes you wonder how powerful that can really be, and it's only limited to her imagination. Personally, I'd prefer to avoid a backhand slap from her with the power and strength of the tail fin of a Blue Whale....WhaPOW!

JLA Jan. - Vixen - 205

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

JLA - Plastic Man....

Like I was saying with Captain Marvel from the other day, DC  Comic's superheroes come in all forms, and no one more literally than Plastic Man! My earliest memory of Plastic Man was an old VHS tape with a few cartoon episodes on it. It was a show that ran for a couple years from 1979-1981 called "The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show!" This show was awesomely ridiculous. Just the tone of the show and the fact that he had a polynesian sidekick named Hula-Hula, it all made the show lived up to it's name.

In the comics I haven't read much with him in it. But one of the most memorable JLA issues I read from the  Joe Kelly/ Doug Mahnke run on the book was a team up with Plastic Man and Batman. It was a great example of the range of characters in the JLA. Over all I really liked how Joe Kelly wrote the character in his run, he seemed to nail the humor just right.

JLA Jan. - Plastic Man - 204

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Monday, January 23, 2012

JLA -Etrigan the Demon Part 2...

Just a quick post, I wanted to show the finished inks on Etrigan. I've still got Plastic Man, then Vixen to do, then it's on to the "big leagues" with the JLA heavy hitters!

JLA Jan. Etrigan the Demon, Inks - 203

Original Art
9x12 Ink on Bristol Board. 
Copic Mulitliner Pens and Markers, Jet Pens brush pen

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

JLA -Etrigan the Demon...

Today's sketch is for a good friend and a co-host of the DC Noise podcast, Mike Myers. The Demon hasn't historically been a long term member of the JLA, just on and off for the last 10 years, but he definitely adds a different dynamic to the team. The character was designed by Jack Kirby back in the 70's. He has interesting mystical roots, including being half brother to Merlin the Wizard.

For the sketch I just did the pencils for today. I wanted to go all out on this for Mike and couldnt spare more time for today, so I'll finish it up tomorrow. Plus it's a chance to show process for these sketches. This underdrawing is done with a 4h lead. I scanned in the light drawing and then multiplied the layers to darken the pencils. Then I pull up the levels and adjust the contrast to clean it up a bit.

JLA Jan. - Etrigan the Demon - 202

Original Art
9x12 pencil on Bristol Board

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

JLA - Captain Marvel...

One thing I really dig about the DC Universe is the variety of super powered characters. They can receive powers from science, mysticism, alien races or technology, etc... But even if two characters might seem similar in the appearance or powerset, there's always a major concept that sets them apart.

For Captain Marvel, or also known as Shazam, the best and most distinquishable thing about him is that he's just a small kid! The young boy, Billy Batson, needs to just speak the name of the Wizard who endowed him with power. SHAZAM! Lightning strikes, and Billy transforms into the heroic Captain Marvel. With the strength, speed, wisdom and flight of the gods! There have been quite a few stories that do a great job depicting his innocent and youthful nature while in the body of a man.

Shazam is also a character I got to draw for the the DC Universe Online game. Here are some of the still images from the cut scenes in the game. These were compiled over layers of background to create the scenes.

There have been some great animated movies or episodes that portray this as well. In the Justice League Unlimited series, there was an episode that introduced Captain Marvel to the team. It lead to a brawl between him and Superman of all people. Shazam was just a bit too naive or innocent to see the nature of Lex Luthor's plot. He was too trusting. Superman, from experience, didn't trust Luthor and both heroes ended up being manipulated into fighting one another. The fight itself is cliche, but the fact that Shazam looked to be more pure and innocent when compared to Superman, who is often referred to as the Boy Scout of the DCU, that made the whole conflict interesting.

I also like when Captain Marvel guest appears on the Young Justice cartoon. This new incarnation of the Teen Titans will have Captain Marvel come and "babysit" these young heroes....but no one knows infact he's younger than all of them and just wants their approval like they're older siblings. It plays out well, and I can see where he's coming from being a younger brother with many cooler siblings myself.

The hardest thing about drawing Shazam is getting his face just right. He has to look large and masculine, but keep his boyish quality. It's surprisingly hard to do.

JLA Jan. - Captain Marvel - 201
Captain Marvel a.k.a. "The Big Red Cheese"...appropriate.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

JLA - The Atom...

Ray Palmer a.k.a. the Atom is such a great variation of the classic superhero. He's a scientist, and one of the most intelligent heroes in the DC universe. But he also decides to put on an impossibly skin-tight costume and use his powers to fight crime and evil geniuses. I love it!

 Since he isn't the typical "punch first and ask questions later" kind of guy, I wanted to make this sketch a little more of an every day kind of thing. The Atom would typically travel distances across the city or even the country by reducing his size and then enter the receiver of a traditional phone. He'd follow the lines of telephone wire riding on the currents of conductivity. In the pre-cell and iPhone age this was a pretty universal way to travel, so I thought this sketch might be a funny comment on how things have changed. That with technological advancements, it actually impeded the Atom's ability to travel.

I haven't read an Atom specific book in years, so I couldn't say how writers have gotten around this new development. IF anyone has suggestions on great Atom stories in recent years, I'd love to hear it!

JLA Jan. - The Atom - 200

The "teleportation" App now available on the  iPhone 4. Check your AppStore... 

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

JLA - Mr. Miracle and Big Barda part 2...

I had a bit of a delay to get any kind of description in for this sketch. I was actually first introduced to these characters through the Superman/Batman series. The story arc actually was made into a full length DC Animation: Apocolypse. The couple is one of the few married couples in the DC Universe and comics in general. Classic marriages like Spiderman/ Mary Jane, and even Cyclops and Jean Grey haven't lasted, but these two are still going strong. They don't get spotlighted much in current comics, but they do hold a great place in the history of DC Comics.

These classic designs were created by Jack Kirby, and for anyone familiar with his work, it recognizable at once. I've often said, Kirby's designs look to apply simple shapes and lines. But it's how their placed that breaks up the lines of the figure so effectively. His use of repetitive shapes throughout as well give a sense of rhythm. 

I've also been doing some slight experimenting with rendering styles and anatomy figure work. It's probably not noticeable, but I feel like things are clicking a bit. Fun to do!

JLA Jan. - Mr. Miracle and Big Barda - 199

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

JLA - Mr. Miracle and Big Barda part 1...

Just a quick post again today. I'll go into the characters and what thoughts I have on the sketch tomorrow. I'll be inking Big Barda in the morning. I decided to put the two characters together, it seemed more appropriate.

JLA Jan. - Mr. Miracle and Big Barda - 198

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

JLA - Zatanna...

Just a quick post today, I have got to do some catching up with work, and sleep apparently. I can't remember the last time I fell asleep sitting up so many times.  Luckily I was awake enough to ink this with out any major mistakes.

For Zatanna, I honestly dont have a great connection with the character. But my 2 kids for some reason really like her. Last year at Heroes Con in Charlotte, my daughter was 2 years old at the time and my wife was pushing her around the con in a stroller. She saw a lady in fishnet stockings and kept saying "Hatanna, Hatanna!" My wife didn't know what my daughter was getting at, and then the lady turned around and sure enough it was some woman dressed as Zatanna for the con. Heh. Two of my son's favorite female characters are Black Canary and Zatanna, I'm wondering if he likes the fishnet theme going on too. hmmm.

JLA Jan. - Zatanna - 197

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Monday, January 16, 2012

JLA - Adam Strange...

The Justice League has to be prepared to handle any crisis with the membership it has. However, there are times when in extreme circumstances they'll need to pull in other characters from the DC Universe that have a specific ability or access to powers or technology that can help them. For whatever the purpose, these character receive an "honorary" status of membership within the Justice League. This month I wanted to touch on every incarnation there has been of the JLA. Well, represent with at least one character these different members of the various Justice League teams.

Adam Strange is an example of these honorary JLA members. He was considered a part of the team as of JLA: Secret Files #1. He's often worked with various team members separately over the years to help solve crimes or avert tragedies. I'd think with his fighting ability and technology there'd be a spot for him as a full-time JLA member, if only he were on Earth all the time. What I love about this character is that he's the epitome of the old guard Sci-Fi action hero! With the Jet Pack, Blaster pistol and all. He would travel or be transported,  from Earth to the planet Rann where his family lived on a regular basis.

Of the various story arcs that feature Adam Strange, my favorite were the fairly recent Rann/ Thanagar War that also featured Hawkman and Hawkgirl. These Earthly superheroes travel to their planets to find them at war with each other. It's a very cool, big space battle in a lot of ways. Also there was an
Adam Strange mini series called Planet Heist, drawn by Pascal Ferry that I really enjoyed. Strange is easily in my top 5 DC superheroes, so I was glad to have a chance to draw him finally this year.

JLA Jan. - Adam Strange - 196

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

JLA - Black Lightning...

The character Black Lightning was someone I knew about, but hadn't read anything with him in it until this more recent Brad Meltzer run on the Justice League.  I can't say it was my favorite run on the books, but I did really enjoy Ed Benes' art when he was on it. Also, I liked that the run introduced me to characters like Red Tornado, Vixen, and of course Black Lightning.

For the sketch, it's interesting when you start working in comics, no one really teaches you how to draw "Super Powers". It's something you observe how other artist's have interpreted it, and mostly trial and error. For the lightning powers here, it's a bit more straight forward drawing the Krackling effect. But I've also noticed that you can rarely spot in enough of the the little debris that is flying around the impact points. Also, how at the impact point of anything, leaving it open and suggesting the impact is much more effective then drawing out every little detail.

It's a fun part of these challenges, determining how I'm going to draw each character's powers, since I've rarely had the chance to draw these characters.

JLA Jan. - Black Lightning - 195

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Also, I had a quick question. I am going to be doing a Rocket Red sketch from the Justice League International team.  Would everyone prefer that I do the original android version or the more recent Justice League: Generation Lost version of Gavril Ivanovich? I've got the layout done, but didn't know how many people preferred the old or new?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

JLA - Cyborg

Even with all the past members of the Justice League, I figure I have to mix it up a bit. For those familiar with the character Cyborg, he is synonymous with the Teen Titan group of superheroes for DC Comics. However I wanted a character to represent this new landscape that DC has created with their recent relaunch this last year. Cyborg is now a founding member of the Justice League. The other current members are characters you'd expect to find within the line up. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman and....Cyborg.

I first got into Teen Titans when Geoff Johns took on the writing and it was drawn by Mike McKone back in 2004. This was my first introduction to Mike's work and I really enjoyed it, and I think it still influences my work today. I've had the chance to meet Mike at various conventions and even sit on a panel with him on "Breaking Into Comics" at the San Diego Comic Convention.

In that incarnation, Cyborg was the "Old Guard" he had been around since the Titan's inception and I liked him as the mentor and leader that the rest of the kids looked up to. Even in the Teen Titan's Cartoon that ran for 5 seasons, I really liked Cyborg's personality and presence on the team (though a bit more exaggerated for the audience) That show is what really got my son Connor to start liking superheroes, and even at the age of 3 he was running around the house yelling "BooYah!" (Cyborg's token phrase from the show).  So thanks Cyborg, you officially made my son Awesome!

JLA Jan. - Cyborg - 194

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Friday, January 13, 2012

JLA - The Question...

Okay, okay, so when you think "Justice League"... Im pretty positive The Question is not the character that comes to mind. In fact if you look up a list of JLA members through the years Im pretty sure he isn't even on the list.

However, this is my pick for a character to represent the DC animated cartoon Justice League: Unlimited. The Question was actually a member of the League in that cartoon, and he represented what was so great about the show. The premise of the show was that Martian Manhunter would be a disaster coordinator and call into action any reserve or full-time members of the League to solve a problem. He would team up heroes from a pool of dozens of DC characters depending on powers, abilities and character profiles.

The Question is just a "normal" human, with out any super powered abilities, but he is an amazing detective and can handle himself well enough in street fight. But in my opinion his defining characteristic is his unbending drive to get to the answer of any problem. This avid conspiracy theorist, would find himself going days on end with out sleep trying to piece together the puzzle no one else had picked up on yet. That, and with his mask that covers any facial features, no other DC hero knew his identity for years and years. I really found it interesting how he fit into the team on that show in particular. In recent years the mantle of the Question has been passed around, and I'm not as familiar with the character in the comics besides the major crossover events. Still, I really dig his Crime Noir style and how different he is from mainstream superheroes, but still lives and works among them.

JLA Jan. - The Question - 193

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Any suggestions on really good story arcs or spotlights on the character? 
Post a comment, I'd like to feature it here!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

JLA - Hawkgirl

Hawkgirl is another character that I've liked but don't know much about besides her basic origin. She was a premiere league member in all the DC animated Justice League cartoons and I liked her portrayal there. Her origin and history are so closely tied to Hawkman's that she has suffered a similar confusing past.

What I admire most about her, as far as I know it, is her strength of character and willingness to stand up and fight. One thing to be said for DC comics is they have a long legacy of very strong female characters.

JLA Jan. - Hawkgirl - 192

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For the sketch, it was cool to draw another superhero character with more than just skin tight suit. Her weapons and wings add so much to the silhouette of the character. It's what will often determine a good pose. If the silhouette easily read and varied it's almost always a dynamic pose. Something to help check on your own drawings if you're needing to make your figure work more energetic.

JLA Group Shot by Ed Benes - Hawkgirl highlighted

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

JLA - Booster Gold

A lot of what I talked about with Blue Beetle applies to Booster Gold. It's not surprising, they have gotta be the best comics duo, next to Batman and Robin. I really got into the Booster Gold series that DC published recently, it's a great take on Booster and his ties to time travel. But I certainly missed that connection without Ted Kord as a regular partner in arms. 
JLA Group by Ed Benes - Booster Gold highlighted
Another thing to mention about Booster, is he has the honor of being the star character in one of the best JLA cartoon episodes ever. Just a few episodes into the first season of Justice League Unlimited, there was an episode that nailed his character so well. It had me laughing out loud and I'd play it for anyone that came by my studio. I've definitely watched that episode more than any other from the large library of DC Animated cartoons.

Side note: Booster's also one of the few heroes that can rock a popped collar and he actually looks better with it, than without it.  It's basically him, Deadman, and Nightwing; anyone else just looks ridiculous. 

JLA Jan. - Booster Gold - 191

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

JLA - Blue Beetle

One of the greatest aspects of the DC Universe is that their characters are allowed a legacy. That a "superhero" isn't always that one person, but instead a mantle that a character can assume. The Blue Beetle is one of those legacy characters. Originally the Blue Beetle had mystically based powers derived from a Scarab, or Beetle artifact. This version of Blue Beetle, and among comic readers the most popular, took on that role but with a spin. Ted Kord actually was never able to make the Scarab's powers work for him. He chose to put his intellect and fighting ability to the test without any additional powers.

I first started reading DC comics in the 90's during the Death of Superman, and again that was my introduction to this Blue Beetle. That scene where Doomsday thrashes him, tosses his body and in air and he crashes down really made an impression on me. I can very clearly remember the page layout, the panel compositions, the way Dan Jurgens (the artist) made the figure feel like it had weight but lifeless. Man, that wordless sequence actually put the initial seed of how you can tell stories with art in my mind. Since then, I've really enjoyed reading stories of Ted Kord and of course his fallible friend Booster Gold. Now the legacy has passed on and we have a new Blue Beetle with whom the Scarab does in fact work. Honestly, I haven't read much with the new character, besides when he's been in the recent Teen Titans group. I like the character and I think he has a lot of potential. I just need to read more.

So here you go, paying respect to Ted, next up Booster makes an appearance!

Blue Beetle - 190

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Monday, January 9, 2012

JLA - Birds of Prey

So yes, technically this is JLA month. However these two JLA members are also on an all girls team call Birds of Prey. For a long time it was Black Canary, the Huntress, and Oracle (Barbara Gordon, formally Batgirl) This is all before their recent reboot this last fall. I actually wanted to draw the Huntress for my Batman week back in Nov. since she is considered an extended member of the "Bat-Family" and my favorite DC Heroine,  but couldn't get to it. Looking at the roster of Justice League members, I remembered that these two ladies were both active JLA!

As it turns out I had to do a Birds of Prey commission, and man has this guy been patient with me. This is for the ever-enduring Andrew Wilson over in Manchester, UK. I actually got this commission request from Andrew over at the 11 O'Clock Comics Podcast message boards. The podcast is a great roundtable show about comics and I've gotten to be acquainted with the hosts over the last few years. Well Andrew, got a hold of me and asked for a convention style commission with at least 2 of the Birds of Prey characters. Then he waited, and waited. So I went all out on this one for him, I sure hope you dig it man.

This commission also gave me the chance to try some new rendering on reflective textures on the women's outfits. The background was more of an afterthought, but I thought I should put them in some kind of environment. I used Copic multi-liner tech pens all throughout. Mostly size 1.0, then .05 and .03 for the refined lines on some of the rendering and tight details. I used a PITT brush pen to fill in the blacks through out the piece.

JLA Jan. - Black Canary and Huntress - 189

Original Art - Ink on Bristol Board

And if that wasn't enough, I want to announce that I will be having
 Kyle Ritter, DC Comics Colorist, work with me this month bringing these sketches to
life with his colors.

Be sure to check out his Deviant Art Gallery!
Here are the first two: Firestorm and Dr. Fate!

For available Prints and prices email me at

Sunday, January 8, 2012

JLA - Firestorm

Quick post today, as it turns out I dont know much about the character Firestorm. However I do know that my favorite artist on Firestorm was Jamal Igle! He reinvented the look of the character for a great run on the books. I know his basic premise, and I like the concept. He's a young hero with the presence of an older scientist./professor in his mind while he's Firestorm.
JLA Group Shot by Ed Benes - Firestorm highlighted

Firestorm, interestingly, is two normal human beings when non-powered, who then combine in "super" mode to form Firestorm. He has the ability to manipulate matter on a molecular level, so with the knowledge of Prof. Stein, he has the knowledge he needs to work his power effectively.

He's gone through quite a few transformations in recent years, but I think the premise is what works so well with his character. The current Firestorm book is being drawn by Yildiray Cinar, you can see his awesome pages here in his gallery.
JLA Jan. - Firestorm - 188

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

JLA - Dr. Fate...

My first introduction to the DC character Dr. Fate, was back when I lived in Savannah, GA. My good friend and fellow artist, Sam Ellis always went on about how much he loved this character. I read a few of his books, I couldnt remember the numbers now or which issues, but I especially liked the idea that Dr. Fate isn't so much the person, as it's the helmet that has the power. The Helmet holds the spirit of Nabu, an entity that can control or advise whomever dons the helmet.

So there have been quite a few people that have become Dr. Fate throughout DC Comics' history, both men and women. The other story I initially read him in was the JLA/JSA: Virtue and Vice. He doesn't have a predominant role, but they do spotlight a pocket dimension that Dr. Fate has access to and can make his home. It's a very 4th dimensional type world, very M.C. Escher in it's design. He has also appeared in the Justice League Unlimited and Batman: Brave and the Bold cartoons that I've enjoyed.

My favorite story about the character actually happened last year around Halloween. I was taking my 4 year old son, Connor, to pre-schoo. As we were in line with the teacher and a bunch of other kids about to go in, the teacher asks who the kids were going to dress up as for Trick or Treating. Shouts of Spider-Man, Wolverine, Superman and Batman came out in a flurry. Then Connor beamed proudly, " I want to be Dr. Fate!" The teacher asked who that was, and Connor said he was a superhero in the Justice League.  The kid behind him, piped in and said," Well I'm Superman, and I could beat up Dr. Fate." Connor didnt even bother looking at the kid and told the teacher, "Dr. Fate is the most powerful sorcerer in comics, and one of Superman's weaknesses is Magic."

NERD WIN!!!!   I high-fived my son on the spot.

JLA Jan. - Dr. Fate - 187

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Friday, January 6, 2012


Another character in my top 10 DC characters, I dont think I could get enough of drawing this guy. As with my GI Joe work, I like characters that are covered in weaponry or gear. I think it always gives them more weight and give me a chance to show form and depth to the figure. If a strap wraps around a body (like Hawkman's chest emblem) then I can imply how barrel chested this guy is by the implied perspective of the straps.

I know that is all technical artsty stuff, but basically...he looks cool. And I like drawing wings.
JLA Group Shot by Ed Benes - Hawkman Highlighted

Good luck finding a definitive Hawkman back story. He has so many starts and stops, and re imaginings, that his past was a mess. I think it wasn't until Geoff Johns took on the character that he was able to make sense of it and relaunch him in the current incarnation.  I liked him in the Rann/ Thanagar war mini-series especially.  As always, a great place to pick up that cool series is here for 40% off at:
I think I also liked that series because it spotlighted Adam Strange, who also holds that coveted top 10 spot on my list!
JLA Jan. - Hawkman - 186

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