Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Captain Atom

Another JLA character I never knew much about until I saw him appear in various DC Animated tv shows or animated films. As soon as I did however, I really like how this character has the duel responsibility of a superhero and his duties as a military officer.

JLA Group shot by Ed Benes Cap Atom highlighted
At times those loyalties come into question depending on the crisis, and I found it interesting and complex that he honors his military obligations first. While honorable, this can even pit him against other superheroes that the military might be opposed to. If anyone has suggestions on comics that really showcase Captain Atom, I'd love to read them.

For the sketch, I thought of using this half tone technique recently. As I was sketching in my last few commissions I waited to fill in the black areas until the end. It left the under drawing in pencil show through for the shadows. I thought that would work great for a character that has a shiny metallic exo-skin.

JLA Jan. - Captain Atom - 183

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  1. I really like the technique you described above Robert. It works well. Even without color the metallic skin seems to shine. Nice work.