Friday, January 6, 2012


Another character in my top 10 DC characters, I dont think I could get enough of drawing this guy. As with my GI Joe work, I like characters that are covered in weaponry or gear. I think it always gives them more weight and give me a chance to show form and depth to the figure. If a strap wraps around a body (like Hawkman's chest emblem) then I can imply how barrel chested this guy is by the implied perspective of the straps.

I know that is all technical artsty stuff, but basically...he looks cool. And I like drawing wings.
JLA Group Shot by Ed Benes - Hawkman Highlighted

Good luck finding a definitive Hawkman back story. He has so many starts and stops, and re imaginings, that his past was a mess. I think it wasn't until Geoff Johns took on the character that he was able to make sense of it and relaunch him in the current incarnation.  I liked him in the Rann/ Thanagar war mini-series especially.  As always, a great place to pick up that cool series is here for 40% off at:
I think I also liked that series because it spotlighted Adam Strange, who also holds that coveted top 10 spot on my list!
JLA Jan. - Hawkman - 186

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  1. That looks so much better than what they have come up with now.

  2. A man who loves hawkman. you own my heart <3 xx