Monday, January 2, 2012

I Tornado....

Red Tornado is an interesting character. He's an android with a Pinocchio complex. I didn't know much at all about his character until the Brian Meltzer run on the Justice League a few years ago. The initial arc dealt with the Red Tornado and I got a pretty good idea of the character. Then I started noticing him more and more in other TV shows. Justice League Unlimited and Batman: Brave and the Bold both used the character well and I was able to get a feel for how he fit into the DC Universe.
JLA Group Shot by Ed Benes- Red Tornado Highlighted

Through those cartoons my son got to know the character more and more, and Red Tornado was his favorite for quite a while. He really got a kick out of seeing me draw this sketch, and man...that makes it all worth it!

JLA Jan. - Red Tornado - 182

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