Monday, January 16, 2012

JLA - Adam Strange...

The Justice League has to be prepared to handle any crisis with the membership it has. However, there are times when in extreme circumstances they'll need to pull in other characters from the DC Universe that have a specific ability or access to powers or technology that can help them. For whatever the purpose, these character receive an "honorary" status of membership within the Justice League. This month I wanted to touch on every incarnation there has been of the JLA. Well, represent with at least one character these different members of the various Justice League teams.

Adam Strange is an example of these honorary JLA members. He was considered a part of the team as of JLA: Secret Files #1. He's often worked with various team members separately over the years to help solve crimes or avert tragedies. I'd think with his fighting ability and technology there'd be a spot for him as a full-time JLA member, if only he were on Earth all the time. What I love about this character is that he's the epitome of the old guard Sci-Fi action hero! With the Jet Pack, Blaster pistol and all. He would travel or be transported,  from Earth to the planet Rann where his family lived on a regular basis.

Of the various story arcs that feature Adam Strange, my favorite were the fairly recent Rann/ Thanagar War that also featured Hawkman and Hawkgirl. These Earthly superheroes travel to their planets to find them at war with each other. It's a very cool, big space battle in a lot of ways. Also there was an
Adam Strange mini series called Planet Heist, drawn by Pascal Ferry that I really enjoyed. Strange is easily in my top 5 DC superheroes, so I was glad to have a chance to draw him finally this year.

JLA Jan. - Adam Strange - 196

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  1. I like that you used the new suit from the Rann-Thanagar War/Infinite Crisis time. The other one just screams 50s.

  2. yeah there's a cool call-back to the old school sci-fi with that older suit, but I was introduced to the character with this suit and it does a great job of keeping the vibe of the character. I especially like his helmet in this version.