Monday, January 30, 2012

JLA -Batman....

Batman, also easily in my top 10 DC characters. I tend to like the street level heroes, I find their stories more relatable and compelling. There are writers who have been able to take Superman or Green Lantern show that humanity, which makes it more personal, but over all I think it's more often done with characters like Batman and his core books.

One of my favorite runs on the book was the Hush series written by Jeph Loeb and drawn by Jim Lee. I thought it was a great self contained 12 issue series that explored a lot of the things that makes Batman so cool. A great variety of villains, and showcasing his cast of other members of the Bat-Family. But there are certainly other fantastic story arcs, or mini series that do this as well. You can get the Hush book for 40% off, or other great Batman titles from my blog sponsor:

On the sketch, with characters like Batman or those that have a darker feel to them, I found I couldn't be afraid to let the shadows bleed together. However you have to be very mindful of the silhouette it creates so things don't get confusing or lost in the shadows. Your eye will connect lines if I leave them as suggestions, or your mind will separate elements if I've combined them in shadow. For example how his right arm disappears around the top of his bicep. You know approximately where that should connect, so I don't need to define it. I can let that arm fall into the cast shadow, and your mind finishes it. Often this is how you can achieve a sense of from and mass in your line art.

JLA Jan. - Batman - 210

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  1. Looking good. Dibs on Wonder Woman........if she makes an appearance that is.
    Ps and if you do an Iron Man dibs on that one too for my brother's big numbered b-day towards the end of the year =}

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  3. Just out of curiosity, who are your top 10 favourite characters?