Sunday, January 15, 2012

JLA - Black Lightning...

The character Black Lightning was someone I knew about, but hadn't read anything with him in it until this more recent Brad Meltzer run on the Justice League.  I can't say it was my favorite run on the books, but I did really enjoy Ed Benes' art when he was on it. Also, I liked that the run introduced me to characters like Red Tornado, Vixen, and of course Black Lightning.

For the sketch, it's interesting when you start working in comics, no one really teaches you how to draw "Super Powers". It's something you observe how other artist's have interpreted it, and mostly trial and error. For the lightning powers here, it's a bit more straight forward drawing the Krackling effect. But I've also noticed that you can rarely spot in enough of the the little debris that is flying around the impact points. Also, how at the impact point of anything, leaving it open and suggesting the impact is much more effective then drawing out every little detail.

It's a fun part of these challenges, determining how I'm going to draw each character's powers, since I've rarely had the chance to draw these characters.

JLA Jan. - Black Lightning - 195

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Also, I had a quick question. I am going to be doing a Rocket Red sketch from the Justice League International team.  Would everyone prefer that I do the original android version or the more recent Justice League: Generation Lost version of Gavril Ivanovich? I've got the layout done, but didn't know how many people preferred the old or new?

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