Wednesday, January 11, 2012

JLA - Booster Gold

A lot of what I talked about with Blue Beetle applies to Booster Gold. It's not surprising, they have gotta be the best comics duo, next to Batman and Robin. I really got into the Booster Gold series that DC published recently, it's a great take on Booster and his ties to time travel. But I certainly missed that connection without Ted Kord as a regular partner in arms. 
JLA Group by Ed Benes - Booster Gold highlighted
Another thing to mention about Booster, is he has the honor of being the star character in one of the best JLA cartoon episodes ever. Just a few episodes into the first season of Justice League Unlimited, there was an episode that nailed his character so well. It had me laughing out loud and I'd play it for anyone that came by my studio. I've definitely watched that episode more than any other from the large library of DC Animated cartoons.

Side note: Booster's also one of the few heroes that can rock a popped collar and he actually looks better with it, than without it.  It's basically him, Deadman, and Nightwing; anyone else just looks ridiculous. 

JLA Jan. - Booster Gold - 191

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  1. The most interesting characters are often anti-heros or loosers, because the authors can find a lot of things to edal with on their emotional side !

    I really like Booster Gold and Blue Beetle duo, because they seem really moving for me ! It's a nice story of friendship between two secondaries and under-estimated heros, who do their best to prove their value, and it's all the same beautiful and tragic. I especcially refer to The OMAC Project, which is my favourite DC story ever. Ted Kord's sacrifice is very well lead to the reader. At the end, we understand that he probably knew or felt since the beginning that he would die, but he has accomplished his duty, being braver than a lot of his pairs. In a way, he is a kind of black sheep who meet another black sheep in the person of Booster, the man who's lost in the past. I have enjoyed a lot the dichotomy in Booster, being all the same motivated by money and celebrity, but also by something more hidden inside him !

    Blie Beetle and Booster Gold are definately apart in the JL ! Outsiders but so much important characters !

  2. Yes! You drew his "claasic" costume! I hate all the attempts to update his look because they all look like generic rip offs of his original! Blue and Gold Forever!