Saturday, January 21, 2012

JLA - Captain Marvel...

One thing I really dig about the DC Universe is the variety of super powered characters. They can receive powers from science, mysticism, alien races or technology, etc... But even if two characters might seem similar in the appearance or powerset, there's always a major concept that sets them apart.

For Captain Marvel, or also known as Shazam, the best and most distinquishable thing about him is that he's just a small kid! The young boy, Billy Batson, needs to just speak the name of the Wizard who endowed him with power. SHAZAM! Lightning strikes, and Billy transforms into the heroic Captain Marvel. With the strength, speed, wisdom and flight of the gods! There have been quite a few stories that do a great job depicting his innocent and youthful nature while in the body of a man.

Shazam is also a character I got to draw for the the DC Universe Online game. Here are some of the still images from the cut scenes in the game. These were compiled over layers of background to create the scenes.

There have been some great animated movies or episodes that portray this as well. In the Justice League Unlimited series, there was an episode that introduced Captain Marvel to the team. It lead to a brawl between him and Superman of all people. Shazam was just a bit too naive or innocent to see the nature of Lex Luthor's plot. He was too trusting. Superman, from experience, didn't trust Luthor and both heroes ended up being manipulated into fighting one another. The fight itself is cliche, but the fact that Shazam looked to be more pure and innocent when compared to Superman, who is often referred to as the Boy Scout of the DCU, that made the whole conflict interesting.

I also like when Captain Marvel guest appears on the Young Justice cartoon. This new incarnation of the Teen Titans will have Captain Marvel come and "babysit" these young heroes....but no one knows infact he's younger than all of them and just wants their approval like they're older siblings. It plays out well, and I can see where he's coming from being a younger brother with many cooler siblings myself.

The hardest thing about drawing Shazam is getting his face just right. He has to look large and masculine, but keep his boyish quality. It's surprisingly hard to do.

JLA Jan. - Captain Marvel - 201
Captain Marvel a.k.a. "The Big Red Cheese"...appropriate.

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  1. Super artwork and great depiction of the big red cheese! Love it!