Saturday, January 7, 2012

JLA - Dr. Fate...

My first introduction to the DC character Dr. Fate, was back when I lived in Savannah, GA. My good friend and fellow artist, Sam Ellis always went on about how much he loved this character. I read a few of his books, I couldnt remember the numbers now or which issues, but I especially liked the idea that Dr. Fate isn't so much the person, as it's the helmet that has the power. The Helmet holds the spirit of Nabu, an entity that can control or advise whomever dons the helmet.

So there have been quite a few people that have become Dr. Fate throughout DC Comics' history, both men and women. The other story I initially read him in was the JLA/JSA: Virtue and Vice. He doesn't have a predominant role, but they do spotlight a pocket dimension that Dr. Fate has access to and can make his home. It's a very 4th dimensional type world, very M.C. Escher in it's design. He has also appeared in the Justice League Unlimited and Batman: Brave and the Bold cartoons that I've enjoyed.

My favorite story about the character actually happened last year around Halloween. I was taking my 4 year old son, Connor, to pre-schoo. As we were in line with the teacher and a bunch of other kids about to go in, the teacher asks who the kids were going to dress up as for Trick or Treating. Shouts of Spider-Man, Wolverine, Superman and Batman came out in a flurry. Then Connor beamed proudly, " I want to be Dr. Fate!" The teacher asked who that was, and Connor said he was a superhero in the Justice League.  The kid behind him, piped in and said," Well I'm Superman, and I could beat up Dr. Fate." Connor didnt even bother looking at the kid and told the teacher, "Dr. Fate is the most powerful sorcerer in comics, and one of Superman's weaknesses is Magic."

NERD WIN!!!!   I high-fived my son on the spot.

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  1. That is the greatest story ever! I told it to my wife and she laughed out loud. She looked at our newborn son and said "You want him to be just like that, don't you?"

    Yes I do. Ha!