Thursday, January 12, 2012

JLA - Hawkgirl

Hawkgirl is another character that I've liked but don't know much about besides her basic origin. She was a premiere league member in all the DC animated Justice League cartoons and I liked her portrayal there. Her origin and history are so closely tied to Hawkman's that she has suffered a similar confusing past.

What I admire most about her, as far as I know it, is her strength of character and willingness to stand up and fight. One thing to be said for DC comics is they have a long legacy of very strong female characters.

JLA Jan. - Hawkgirl - 192

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For the sketch, it was cool to draw another superhero character with more than just skin tight suit. Her weapons and wings add so much to the silhouette of the character. It's what will often determine a good pose. If the silhouette easily read and varied it's almost always a dynamic pose. Something to help check on your own drawings if you're needing to make your figure work more energetic.

JLA Group Shot by Ed Benes - Hawkgirl highlighted


  1. That is a beautiful shot of Hawkgirl! Love the pose, she looks so tough!