Thursday, January 5, 2012


The JLA member Fire is typically portrayed as the second half of the pair to the character Ice. I had first thought to draw these two together. As I started drawing the Ice sketch, it seemed a better drawing to have her alone.
JLA Group Shot by Ed Benes - Fire highlighted

Again, I can't say I've read much about her in the books. Mostly my impression of her was in the Justice League Unlimited, and Batman Brave and the Bold cartoons. Fire and Ice always made for a humorous pair though their characters exaggerated a bit. Here I've drawn her more like she is in the books from what I can tell.

JLA Jan. - Fire - 185

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  1. She gets some odd treatment, as do most DCU women, but her the most with her "reputation" of catting around.

  2. Yeah, she was getting 'close' to the latest incarnation of Rocket Red right before the 'New' 52.