Thursday, January 19, 2012

JLA - Mr. Miracle and Big Barda part 2...

I had a bit of a delay to get any kind of description in for this sketch. I was actually first introduced to these characters through the Superman/Batman series. The story arc actually was made into a full length DC Animation: Apocolypse. The couple is one of the few married couples in the DC Universe and comics in general. Classic marriages like Spiderman/ Mary Jane, and even Cyclops and Jean Grey haven't lasted, but these two are still going strong. They don't get spotlighted much in current comics, but they do hold a great place in the history of DC Comics.

These classic designs were created by Jack Kirby, and for anyone familiar with his work, it recognizable at once. I've often said, Kirby's designs look to apply simple shapes and lines. But it's how their placed that breaks up the lines of the figure so effectively. His use of repetitive shapes throughout as well give a sense of rhythm. 

I've also been doing some slight experimenting with rendering styles and anatomy figure work. It's probably not noticeable, but I feel like things are clicking a bit. Fun to do!

JLA Jan. - Mr. Miracle and Big Barda - 199

Original Art for Sale - SOLD
9x12 Ink on Bristol Board.
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  1. Man that is a great sketch! Always loved the characters and this is why! Awesome!

  2. Yeah, the Big Barda/Mr. Miracle relationship is among the best in comics.

    Awesome drawing, Robert!