Wednesday, January 4, 2012

JLA on the rocks...

I know it's nearly blasphemous to confess that I haven't read the Justice League International run of comics by J.M. DeMatteis, Keith Giffen and Kevin Macquire. It's a run of books that has always been highly praised and I know I need to read it.

The character Ice what a member of the American group of JLI, was often along side her friend Fire, and dated Green Lantern Guy Gardner on and off. I first read her in a comic during the Death of Superman event in the 90's. As the villianous monster, Doomsday smashed his way through the ranks of the Justice League, it was the first time I had read about the characters Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, Fire, ICE, Guy Gardner and Bloodwynd.

So my first impression of them is that they got beat up pretty easily by some new unknown villain. But there was something about this ICE character that really caught my eye.

JLA Jan. - Ice- 184

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  1. You never read JLI??!! How is that possible? The Cranboyz LIVE for JLI! When you are ready to borrow them, just say the word!

    Great job on Ice! She's a pretty great character that always seems to get overlooked.

  2. I know, i know it's pretty ridiculous. I want to get the hardcover book that came out last year.

  3. My intro to that team came from the Death of Superman saga too, but I went back and snagged back issues durning the "Superman hiatus" following Funeral for a Friend. Great stuff.

  4. I highly recommend the JLI also, I read as a kid and it really stuck with me. Before that all I could think of the JLA was the Super Friends cartoon =P
    Lovely Ice BTW