Friday, January 13, 2012

JLA - The Question...

Okay, okay, so when you think "Justice League"... Im pretty positive The Question is not the character that comes to mind. In fact if you look up a list of JLA members through the years Im pretty sure he isn't even on the list.

However, this is my pick for a character to represent the DC animated cartoon Justice League: Unlimited. The Question was actually a member of the League in that cartoon, and he represented what was so great about the show. The premise of the show was that Martian Manhunter would be a disaster coordinator and call into action any reserve or full-time members of the League to solve a problem. He would team up heroes from a pool of dozens of DC characters depending on powers, abilities and character profiles.

The Question is just a "normal" human, with out any super powered abilities, but he is an amazing detective and can handle himself well enough in street fight. But in my opinion his defining characteristic is his unbending drive to get to the answer of any problem. This avid conspiracy theorist, would find himself going days on end with out sleep trying to piece together the puzzle no one else had picked up on yet. That, and with his mask that covers any facial features, no other DC hero knew his identity for years and years. I really found it interesting how he fit into the team on that show in particular. In recent years the mantle of the Question has been passed around, and I'm not as familiar with the character in the comics besides the major crossover events. Still, I really dig his Crime Noir style and how different he is from mainstream superheroes, but still lives and works among them.

JLA Jan. - The Question - 193

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Any suggestions on really good story arcs or spotlights on the character? 
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  1. The Question comic book series published by DC was extremely heady and well-written. Although Vic is not deeply philosophical in the comic -- he's more of a gritty get-the-job-done type -- the stories he was involved in were. The entire run was only 36 issues, and you can find all the issues for $1 or $2 issues if you try at a con.

    I didn't pick particular issues because the one that really got me was $36, but it's meaningless if you don't have a context of everything Vic has gone through living in Hub City up to that point. If you can get even half the issues of the series, plus 34, 35, and 36, those issues are amazing -- although I still can't figure out how I should *feel* about them and Vic's decision in those books.

    I do like how he's portrayed in JLU a bit more, but just a bit. He's still witty and gritty in the DC series, but his detective-work isn't quite so impressive.

  2. Somehow(and though I know the characters history is the opposite)I felt the JLU Question was based quite a bunch in Rorschach for make him more modern(he was even was a ginger like Rorschach).The last time I heard about the Question in the comics it was René Montoya(from GPD)who was using the alter ego.

  3. Man! Thanks for the insight! I'll look into those..

  4. I sort of felt the opposite, that the JLU question was much more toned down than Rorschach:

    Steve Ditko originally design the Question to be an Objectivist -- a very black-and-white, right is right and wrong is wrong character. Alan Moore took this to the extreme, making the character crazy in his execution and understanding of it.

    The look of Question in JLU is sort of a hybrid of the DC question series -- in which Vic has that distinctive nose and linebacker build -- and Ditko's, in which he was a sometimes redhead who looked a lot like an older Peter Parker. They obviously added the conspiracy theorist twist -- not a far cry from a reporter, I can tell you, having worked with so many -- to lighten up his character. He's not as preachy, which I think is the opposite of Rorschach, and the original Ditko.

  5. This is really nice! I've never really followed the Justice League all that much, though I'm familiar with the characters. That said, everything you've posted this past month has been solid with this and Hawkman taking the cake! Looking forward to seeing what's next,


  6. An absolutely beautiful piece. The background is great. Definately my favorite of all of your JL peices so far.

    The Question was the breakout highlight of Justice League Unlimited. He was voiced perfectly by Jeffrey Combs. If you like his style, check Jeffrey out on reruns of Deep Space Nine (Weyoun and Brunt) and Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (The Leader)

  7. I just realized his tie, coat and coat belt are all flowing in the wind towards the left, but the smoke coming out of the chiminey stack is blowing to the right? There's a Tornado comin'!