Tuesday, January 31, 2012

JLA - Superman...

I got a little behind on my JLA month because I took 2 days with Etrigan the Demon and I took 2 days with Mr. Miracle and Big Barda. So I couldn't just leave a JLA month hanging with out doing Superman and tomorrow I will work up a Wonder Woman to finish it out.

For the comics, I actually enjoy superman more when he is teamed up with Batman or the rest of the JLA. I like how other characters play off him or react to him. That he can inspire awe, or courage with the other Heroes. Also there is a great alternate reality take on Superman that I love, called Superman: Red Son. Its a "What if.." story exploring if Superman landed in the U.S.S.R instead of America!

Superman is tough for me, like the Hulk and a few other characters, they have such a distinct look that it's hard to capture. It's just a character that I would have to draw quite a bit more before I felt comfortable with the look of him. Mostly I realized he looks more like Superman with less muscle definition and more a suggestion of mass. There are a few other things like that I picked up on with this sketch, but I would say I need a few more to really nail it down.

Still, fun to do and a better Superman sketch than my last one. Thats the whole point,  right? Progress!

JLA Jan. - Superman - 211

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9x12 Ink on Bristol Board.
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  1. Robert Atkins... drawsvthe best hands in the business!

    That's your new tagline as far as i'm concerned! And yeah, this is better than the last Supes, by far!