Tuesday, January 17, 2012

JLA - Zatanna...

Just a quick post today, I have got to do some catching up with work, and sleep apparently. I can't remember the last time I fell asleep sitting up so many times.  Luckily I was awake enough to ink this with out any major mistakes.

For Zatanna, I honestly dont have a great connection with the character. But my 2 kids for some reason really like her. Last year at Heroes Con in Charlotte, my daughter was 2 years old at the time and my wife was pushing her around the con in a stroller. She saw a lady in fishnet stockings and kept saying "Hatanna, Hatanna!" My wife didn't know what my daughter was getting at, and then the lady turned around and sure enough it was some woman dressed as Zatanna for the con. Heh. Two of my son's favorite female characters are Black Canary and Zatanna, I'm wondering if he likes the fishnet theme going on too. hmmm.

JLA Jan. - Zatanna - 197

Original Art for Sale - SOLD
9x12 Ink on Bristol Board.
To Purchase, email subject "Zatanna" to



  1. As a huge fan of the character of Zatanna, and the work of the artist here, I'm deciding whether to buy this or have money for lunch for the next few days.

    But I do know for sure is, if I decide to choose the latter, I'm going to kicking myself in regret for a long time.

  2. Always go with your gut. Well maybe that's not such a good expression this time since lunch is involved, lol.

    As for the drawing, it's pretty cool but I'm more impressed that a 2-year old knew who Zatanna was, lol.

  3. @Bleak Your son has good taste ;). I always love zatanna overall designs and the fishnets just make it better.

  4. Love this. I am disappointed that it is sold though!