Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ahh the classics...

I had this sketch to do for someone, they were giving it as a gift to their father. He wanted the classic Thor, which I actually haven't drawn in a along time....maybe ever now that I think about it. Two of my favorite acquisitions this last year was the Walt Simonson Thor Omnibus from Marvel, and the large format Walt Simonson's "The Mighty Thor" Artist Edition book from IDW.

The Omnibus is a 1,192 page collection of his run on Thor that Walt was both writer and artist!!! This book is so large it could kill a man. In fact I'm going to keep it by my beside for nighttime reading... or to defend my home in the case of an intruder. Either way, just holding this book makes me feel manly.

The second book is 12x18 inches in size, and reprints selected issues of that famous run on Thor. But you get to see it in black and white, and full size recreations of the original art. Simply a beautiful book that I can spend hours examining the lines and rendering throughout. Very cool stuff.

THOR - 213


Original Art
9x12, Ink on Bristol Board
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  1. He loved it and said he is going to get a frame for it put it up in his office. He is an assistant superintendent for our school system where I teach.

  2. Very cool, my wife is a teacher....I wish her superintendent was that cool. hrmph.