Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I actually met Wesley Snipes in San Diego for the comic con a couple of years ago. He was nice enough to stop by my table in Artist Alley and check out my work on Snake Eyes. I had this sketch request while I was in Orlando. I tend to stay away from work that has to be a likeness of an actual person or actor. I dont have much fun with it. But this actually went pretty quick. I forgot to get a scan of it, so this file is a little bitmapped, or washed out. But you can get the idea. I did this sketch along with 5 others one of the nights at Mega Con. I slept 8 hours from Thurs. morning until I fell asleep on the plane on the way home Sun. evening. I didnt even sleep Sat. night just trying to get all of these done. whew...

Blade - 233

Actually one of my favorite appearance of Blade in a comic book was in a Black Panther trade. It had Black Panther, Luke Cage, the Falcon, Blade, Brother Voodoo, and Monica Rambeau or the female Captain Marvel.  The book is called "Black Panter: Bad Mutha". It's actually really, really good.

But if you're looking for a more traditional version of Blade: Vampire Hunter, you have to go back to the Marvel Comics run on the classic Tomb of Dracula!
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  1. Great job! Blade is one of my favorite Marvel characters, and I love what you did here.