Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cobra Commander Contest...WINNER!!!

First off, Thanks again to all those who participated in the contest. I really appreciate the amount of time and effort that went into these figures. It was a very cool experience on my part to see the design I worked on come to life so to speak. I think across the board hobbyists and fans enjoyed seeing the various entries. As proof I've had more visitors to this blog per day in the last week, than ever before in the last 6 months since I started this up! I think thats a testament to the appreciation of the craftsmanship and interest in the work these contestants did.

After the week long poll, the voting was closed Fri. at midnight. The results were as follows:

Winner - 1st Place - "Dream" Troy McKie - 275 Votes (31%)
Runner Up- 2nd Place - Joe Ryan - 240 votes (27%)

Honorable Mentions :
"Sidewinder" Christopher Giles - 123 Votes (13%)
"1of3Knights" David Knight - 90 Votes (10%)

Each Contestant will receive an "Atkins: Declassified" 50 page, full color art book, and an 11x17 print of the cover to GI Joe: Cobra Annual that started this whole thing!

To give a little more detail on the entries. Troy McKie posted a few other "making of" images on his site:

Also Joe Ryan sent me his information on how he put his figure together!

"I was finally able to finish him after a couple SNAFUs I had arm trouble and had to do some surgery one one. In the end, I'm happy with the results. I might go back to him later and used some sculpting compound and make the cape mesh better with the top part, but for now, I'm happy. I've also included a picture before all the paint, to show a before and after. "

Customizer's name: J. Ryan
Parts list:
Helmet- 25th Viper, dremeled hollow, sculpted back and sides.
Faceplate- PoC Viper, sculpted on chin and teeth.
Cape- top part, Resolute Commander, modded, trimmed and sculpted/bottom part, vinyl material.
Shoulder pads- 25th Wraith, trimmed down.
Shoulder straps- Marvel Universe Rogers & Indiana Jones pouch strap
Holster & straps- Marvel Universe Rogers w/ Spy Troops holsters modded
Upper Arms- Star Wars Rum Sleg, sculpted arm pouch & strap.
Lower Arms- Resolute Alley Viper
Torso- Star Wars Imperial Knight attached to Marvel Showdown Logan stomach, sculpted over to match armor.
Crotch and ball socket joints- Marvel Showdown Logan.
Upper legs- Resolute Alley Viper, modded to fit marvel joints, sculpted leg straps.
Knees & Lower legs- Resolute Cobra Commander.

And here are his final photos again with a pre-painted production photo as well.

A very special Thanks to Joe Customs and

for supporting the contest and my blog! I couldn't have run this contest without your support 

Also Thanks to General's JoesHisstank, and 
For spotlighting the contest! Im sure I wouldn't have had near the traffic or votes for these contestants without you guys!

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