Friday, February 3, 2012


Man do I love alliteration!

I really want to thank all of those that participated in the custom contest these last couple of months. I originally came up with the idea to do a custom GI JOE action figure contest after I designed the new IDW comics version of Cobra Commander this last fall. I wanted to see this version as an action figure, and thought to encourage the amazing artists and craftsmen that frequent the message boards.

I spotlighted the new Cobra Commander designs on these recent blog posts:

Cobra Commander Custom - 214

I was impressed with members of the forums at Joe Customs willingness to take the comic versions of the books I had worked on and create a custom action figure accurate to those designs. Ultimately, their enthusiasm led to this contest!

As I mention in the above link (scroll to the bottom of the post), the contest ended Jan 31st. I will be listing the entries that were posted on Joe Customs or emailed directly to me within that deadline. 
IF anyone completes a version after this deadline, I will be happy to post their photos and a link to their website or JoeCustoms thread on the blog here. However they will not be available to win this contest.

The Winner of the Contest will be determined by the Poll (see below). The winner will have their choice of top prize. The Runner-up will receive the prize not chosen by the winner.

Prize Option #1:
A full 11x17 inch Original Inked Commission 
Of your choice of GI JOE or Cobra character.

Prize Option #2:
A Custom made Action Figure display created by the 
Master Craftsmen at

My newest Blog Sponsor!!!

*Figures not included...*

Case comes complete with a patented hanging device, Locking clasp, glass shelves with room to fit 10-12 3 3/4" Action figures! The backing is a custom insert by Lance at 4CornerConcepts taken from the cover to 
GI JOE #0 from IDW Publishing, Drawn by ME!

Now How do they get to win these great prizes....

In the LEFT margin of this blog, you will see a poll with a list of the possible canidates. I have given each entry a designated letter. PLEASE vote for the entry you would like to win! 
I will cast a vote, but it won't be soley up to me. The winner will be determined by the results of the polls as of Fri. Feb. 10th at Midnight! You can vote as many times as you are able, but I think  you can't be logged on to the same computer or devise to revote.

One final note before we take a look at these awesome figures! If a link is provided, please follow the link to see more photos and a description of what went into the custom figure. For the sake of space I only spotlighted 2-3 photos with each entry. Finally......Here we go!

Dream did the mock up package design coloring my turnaround art for the package. Click on his link to the forum to see his alternate head design based on the New Cobra Commander's previous design as the character Krake.

E.) Joe Ryan - Emailed contest entry

Created entirely with Vintage 80's Joe parts and original sculpted elements

Custom made Package design using S.L. Gallant art for front.  My cover art on back and a custom created File Card .

Tankster was the first to post an entry only days after the Contest was announced!

The only 12" custom figure, Christopher also created a mock-up box with the art from the  Cobra Commander cover.

These are the official 9 entries to choose from. The poll on the LEFT will be open for 1 Week starting today. At which point the poll will close and I will announce our official Winner and Runner-Up. 

For these 9 Contestants - Please email me directly if you have not already so I can get your information:

Each Contestant will receive my 50 page art book "Atkins: Declassified" as an entry prize for taking the effort and making the deadline. I'm simply AMAZED at the fantastic work and appreciate the long hours that went into this contest. 

Thanks to you Contestants for participating!!!

Also a very special Thanks to Joe Customs and 
for supporting the contest and my blog! 

Check out the other fantastic displays at  4 Corner Concepts
the Awesome will make your head explode!!!


  1. All Amazing!!!!!

    Give 'em all a prize

  2. oops, I see that you did, with your book. Cool!

    wish I could vote, but for me it's a dead tie for first

  3. I think a better prize would have been the Sideshow Collectibles Premium Format Cobra Commander.

  4. Awesome, maybe you could donate that and I'll give it away then.