Monday, February 27, 2012

Cobra Playmat...

A little bit of a change of pace for today's sketch. I got this commission a little while back at a convention. I was asked to draw something Cobra related on this mat. The mat itself is used for card games, typically role playing games like Magic the gathering and the like. It's very much like a giant mouse pad measuring 24 inches wide by about 14 inches tall.  I quickly found out that if my pencil lines on the surface of the mat wouldnt erase, and I was limited to using a SHARPIE for any inking. I had one shot at it, any mistakes would need covered up with more lines and made to not look like a mistake in the first place. I just had the one mat with pressure. I don't know how long it took, I did it in stages as I had 10-15 min. from day to to day. But definitely one of the bigger drawings I've done in a while.

To date though the largest commission I've done was a diptych that when combined was 18 x 48 and had 10 GI Joe figures across it. That took awhile.

Cobra Playmat - 238

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  1. Wow, that turned out real well. Have you even drawn art for Magic the Gathering Cards? Now that would be something cool to see, original art of something like that.