Monday, February 6, 2012

Sketch Cover - Round 2 - I'm Batman...

If you read that title out loud, it only sounds convincing if you have a mouth full of marbles and have been smoking for 30 years.

This was specifically just a head and shoulder shot of the character. So I dont want anyone thinking this guy got screwed compared to all the others when it comes to the time I put into his sketch cover. Coming right off the heels of my January Justice League Month this seemed to fit right in!

Also, I scanned it in with the protected guard so you can see how these are treated sometimes. I typically prefer to draw with the book out of the bags, but I dont mind (and completely understand) when there is a window cut out of a protected case or polymer bag. It keeps the backside of the book clean while it is being drawn, and keeps the corners from possibly getting bent up. Since the end result of many of these sketch covers is to be graded for collector's quality, then it make sense to protect that investment. Being aware of that investment going into the sketch round on these covers, I've done my best to keep them protected even when they aren't in this kind of case.

Sketch Cover - Batman...Busted - 217

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