Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sketch Cover - Round 2 - Jean Grey "Marvel Girl"

This was a fun sketch to do, I don't think I've ever had the chance to draw Jean Grey in her Marvel Girl costume from the early X-Men days. I thought this blog header was appropriate with Scott in his early costume as well. I have the most fun on these sketch covers coming up with scenarios to place the heroes. I remember always being captivated by the concept of the danger room. Even in it's elementary stages of obstacles, giant robots and turreted guns from the walls. Now it's much more complex and is basically a Star Trek holodeck. But however complex, one of the cool things about X-Men is they take the time to show you that these super heroes have to train. They aren't just born skilled fighters or have even a competent grasp of their powers. They are taught and mentored to finally be considered ready for the "field" and get that chance to fight the villains they come across.

For the sketches, these X-Men and Avengers covers throw me off sometimes because Im so used to leaving room at the top of these due to where the title usually is. I'll have to keep that in mind in the future.

Sketch Cover - Jean Grey - 223

Copic Multiliner Pens and Markers Ink on sketch cover. If you click on this image and enlarge it, it's the actual size of the drawing.

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