Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sketch Cover - Round 2 - Mr. Fantastic

Mr. Fantastic. ah if only I had the nerve to give myself a similar moniker. Now that I think of it there are a few other superheroes that take it a bit far, Mr. Terrific, Mr. Miracle....I wonder if Captain Awesome is taken? hmm.

I've only had the chance to draw Reed Richards once or twice before as a commission. I drew an issue of Ultimate Fantasic Four and of course he's more of a teenager version in that book. There is a trick though to drawing a stretchy character that takes some getting used to. You have to figure out what areas of the body to stretch and when so that it doesn't just look like a misproportioned person.  Still it's fun to play around with the "stretchiness" and see how far you can manipulate it.

Sketch Cover - Mr. Fantastic - 226

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