Friday, February 10, 2012

Snake Eyes #10 Cover...

Storm Shadow...a.k.a. Awesomesauce gets another of Snake Eyes' covers. It's all leading up to some big changes and a great jumping on point for when I come back on the Snake Eyes title with issue #13.

Again, here is the process from sketches to final colors.

Snake Eyes #10 - Cover Process - 221

Sketch B is the one we went with in the final. Since this was technically the first issue Storm Shadow grabs the spotlight

You might recognize option A, which we ended up using for the cover to SE #11.

You can see that I added some buildings, mostly to frame the figure with something dark. Kind of an after thought. 
Again colors by Simon Gough


  1. Love it. I went through the stack at my LCS to find this cover.

  2. These process posts are invaluable to aspiring artists - keep them coming! What inspiration - and I particularly like that you included the various idea sketches; even for me teaching writing rather than drawing, this allows me to show kids that nobody just "up and does it" - that planning and trying out different ideas is essential to creating a final product you can be proud of. Thanks for sharing this!