Friday, February 24, 2012

Snake Eyes AND Storm Shadow new IDW title!

There are a few cool things happening with this issue. #13 which comes out later this spring. First off, it's a two part cover, the second half of this cover is with Snake Eyes as a single figure facing off against the Storm Shadow from this cover. So I got to both Cover A and Cover B this time. It also marks my 50th and 51st consecutive GI JOE cover since IDW relaunched the title back in 2009! It's a very cool thing to be a part of, and something I am really proud to have been a part of.  I had never drawn many covers before working for IDW. There has really been a learning curve to what makes a good cover, or possibly a great cover stand out. I'm not gonna say  I nailed it, I know I have a lot to learn still. But I have learned along the way, and for me it's good chronicle to see where I was as an artist 3 years ago, and hopefully an indication of where I still have to improve.

Also this will be the issue that Im back on interiors and Im excited for that as well. Chuck Dixon has a really great hook to get the book going right from the first pages. It's a close examination of the Snake Eyes/ Storm Shadow brotherhood/friendship/rivalry that hasn't been shown in the IDW books yet. This is really what I was hoping to get to be a part of when Chuck and I were first talking to IDW about it nearly 2 years ago.

For this cover in particular IDW specifically asked that I didn't draw a background because they were doing a theme across all their GI JOE books this month of a single character against white. Depending on the cover stock, it might make for cool sketch opportunities to fill in around the characters...hmmm.

Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow #13 - 235

Final cover read for print!

Pencils/ Layout for IDW approval
Inks over pencils, Using a Brush, and Copic Multiliner pens

Final Colors by Simon Gough, and for approval to IDW and Hasbro.


  1. Looking forward to the milestone issue! Great work as always!


  2. That looks great!! That would be an awesome poster too!

    Great work!