Sunday, February 19, 2012

Snake Eyes ....smooth as a ninja

Another commission this last weekend at Mega Con. I've never seen these together as a couple...Im guessing brainwashed Snake Eyes. But it was fun to do for the guy and his newlywed wife that asked for it. They were doing a Snake Eyes and Baroness costume for the conventions, which makes this sketch more appropriate when you think of it that way....kind of.

Snake Eyes Baroness - 230

Original art 11x17 on Bristol board
Pencils and inks

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  1. That is beautiful. Wish I would've seen you at MegaCon!

  2. Two hearts that beat as one lol.Awesome once again!!

  3. Gorgeous piece, Robert! Great pick up for the lucky couple...

  4. This actually reminds me of an assignment Prof. Hudson has in his Fantasy Illustration class at SCAD. I forget what he calls it, but the challenge is to evoke violence and sex, without showing either. The overall pose and her face both evoke more of a romantic passion, but the slowly drawn knife adds a whole other element to the scene. Very awesome!

  5. HA! I hadnt even thought of that, man if I could go back in time and drawn this for that class. dang. Im pretty sure what I did at the time was pretty dumb.