Saturday, March 31, 2012

Black Cat with Tiny Spidey...

The reason this isnt an "official" Spider-man themed week is because he's only going to show up as tiny sketches or in the backgrounds. I actually just had a few Spider-man related commissions to do and the sketch from yesterday to show. This commission is for a good friend David Chua a.k.a. Shane Simek's nemesis, a.k.a. one of my Joe Art sugar daddies

There are about 5-6 guys that are regular GI Joe art collectors. They've amassed some pretty amazing collections. I'll show off some of their home galleries soon.

Well Dave has been a long time collector and become a good friend. He now works at Marvel and at a recent show asked for a Black Cat. In my typical obsessive way, I couldnt just leave it at a single figure and a cool pose. So this happened...
Black Cat - 271

This is as much as I got done at the show. I'll be seeing Dave up at C2E2 in Chicago this April, and I realized I needed to wrap this up. I figured it would also be a great example of process as I post up the progression. I LOVE this character relationship between Black Cat, Felicia Hardy, and Spider-Man. She's in love with him, but as flattering as that would be for Peter Parker, he's got the lovely Mary Jane Watson back home. I appreciate Peter's integrity, even if it takes webbing Black Cat to the flag pole here to get away. 

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A new era for Darkhan City...the Age of Monolith Begins....

Friday, March 30, 2012

Mini Spidey week...

Okay, because Im crazy behind on my blog this last week I'm going to squeeze in a mini themed week here before April officially starts.

I've had and on again- off again interest in Spiderman throughout my life of comic nerdery. For me it depended on who was writing and especially drawing the series that made me want to pick up a Spiderman story. I like it best when he's back to basics, but I'm sure most fans feel that way. I've only briefly worked on Amazing Spider-man and I was ecstatic about the opportunity, but I got the fill in issue that Spiderman didnt even appear in. It was mostly Peter Parker all throughout, and to make it even "better", it wasn't even Peter Parker! It was the Chameleon in disquise and just making Peter look like a  Class A Jerk the whole time.  oy.

I actually had the chance to continue on with Spider-man, I had the call from the editor and everything. It was either pick up some fill in issues and get established in the Spiderman office at Marvel, or take on the next 6 issues of GI JOE. My Spiderman editor understood (especially since he used to live in Springfield too, heh). GI Joe has been a fantastic opportunity for me and one that I've enjoyed immensely for the last 5 years.

And hey, I still get to draw Spider-Man from time to time, so best of both worlds right?

Spidey - 270

This is actually a really small drawing about 5x5 or so.
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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Beachhead....well kind of...

Over the last couple years I've been involved with a side project that I do illustrations for occassionally. There is a company called Corrosive Labs, and they produce shooting targets for shooting ranges and targets for practice with various government agencies, I believe. I've done a few now, and they wanted one in particular that had a baclava mask on. That was really the only stipulation, well, obviously the first person I thought of was Beachhead. Because he rocks the mask and is just awesome all around. For the final target we did the coloring differently so it wouldn't look like Beachhead, and his weapons and shirt are different. But I gave him a similar tactical vest and that mean scowl we all know and love. Make that mask green and throw some cammo on that dude and it's a pretty believable Beachhead. 

I'll show more of these targets off down the road. It's been a fun project to have on the side, especially when I see them full size. It's a huge poster that's nearly life size with a target lines placed over the image. I've rarely seen my art blown up so big, it usually is the other way around. 

BeachHead - 269

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Guess where the meteor hits? First one to get it right gets a prize!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I am KROD!

This was for a project with Marvel that never really happened past the initial concept stages. I was doing some character designs and various facial expressions to get a sense of this sword and sorcery genre character. The character was your typical hero of the story, but kind of a goof ball as well. I don't typically make my characters so expressive. They're all pretty grim folks over on the Snake Eyes front....well and we never see Snake Eyes' that's part of it.

KROD - 268

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Ridiculous amounts of destruction and mayhem begin! With this double sized first issue, There's plenty more to come!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

This was a sketch I did from a while back that I forgot to post. It's not a very large sketch, just something I did in my sketchbook trying to keep a sketch under 30 min. This took just a couple min extra but was close enough. I honestly dont know much about this character, Tyr, he's an old school DC comics villain that appeared in Superboy. He's based on the one-armed Norse god of war. I actually liked the look of him, and more than anything it makes me want to draw Trapjaw from He-Man!

Tyr - 267

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Elders of the RuneStone is still going strong on our KickStarter Campaign!
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Pencils and inks by me, colors by Bob Pedroza our RuneStone colorist!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Two Gun Baroness....

Today's just a quick post, again I gotta keep my artist sweatshop of one running here. You'd think I'd get more Baroness sketch requests, and I do compared to say Slaughter's Marauders, but still it's usually more Cobra Commander, Snake Eyes, Beach Head and Firefly. Then maybe Baroness. Even so low on the totem pole, she's still fun to draw every time!

Baroness - 266

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On the countdown till the end of the kickstarter I'll continue to spotlight excerpts or even FULL Page previews of issue #1!!!

Awesome fight between Adder and Smiley in the double-sized 1st issue!

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Since I've gotten home from the UK it's been a ridiculous whirlwind. I've had deadlines along with various family concerns that has all taken me away from my daily posting. So I'm sorry for the delay. Lately I've needed every minute I've had available to draw being put into pages, and covers and the few ridiculously outstanding commissions I've had.

To make up for the lag in posts I've been doing some quicker sketches, and found a few that I had done at a con that I forgot to post. But it's the only way Im going to get caught up with my current schedule. I wont have much to comment since I've got to post these up rapid fire like.

Thanks for checking back even though I've been so absent.

First off, this is a sketch I did for Lauren Sankovitch. She was my editor at Marvel for my Ult. Fantastic Four book and She Hulk I believe. She was great to work with and we've caught up at a few shows since then for a chat. She has this very cool leather sketchbook with "Marvel" embossed on the cover. As many artists as she can get that she's worked with, she tries to get a sketch from them. So this was a THING sketch for her.  I took two pages to draw this up, so it was nice and HUGE in the sketchbook! Thanks again Lauren!

Fantastic Four's THING - 265

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Scarlett...been a long time comin'

Okay, confession time. I had this commission set up to do for Mike Fogg. He's actually a friend of my friend Mike Rice, and I took on the commission at a convention quite a while ago. Typically what happens is if I don't get to all the commissions on my list I might take home 1 or 2 if I think I can finish them up. What can happen, is that as soon as I'm back from a show my deadline schedule really kicks in and I'm using every bit of my drawing time to stay on top of my schedule. A week can go by, sometimes 2. I get the majority of them done within that time. Occasionally If my schedule it crazy or it slips through the cracks it might take longer.

I'm currently working through any of these I have outstanding for my blog posts in March and I'll keep working on them until they're all done. This Scarlett is one of those rare gems that really slipped through the cracks. Checking back in my records, I took this on at Heroes Con in 2009....!!!!! uh....So this is where the confession comes in. heh. I had completely forgotten about this. I think Mike might have as well, or atleast he forgot to bug me about it occasionally. Either way, it's been a ridiculously long time coming. Officially my longest outstanding con commission to date. Dang. So Mike will get this lovely Scarlett and a whole bundle of other stuff, books, prints and whatever I can find to cover my guilt.  The one benefit to any of you that have to wait for a commission, is that I can guarantee that I'm a better artist than I was when you originally commissioned me. So there's atleast that benefit.

Thanks Mike, you're the man!

GI JOE's Scarlett - 264

Original art 11x17 inked with Copic multiliner pens and brush pens. 
This took about 3 hours, mostly trying to find a pose I like 
and felt might be worth waiting 2 years for. 

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Spider Jerusalem...

This is just a quick post today. Another convention sketch of the character Spider Jerusalem. I've never read the book Transmetropolitan. What I know about the book is it really set the mold, along with Preacher and a few other titles,  for the line Vertigo books that DC Comics publishes.

But like I said I don't know enough about the character to go into what I think about him or the book. What I will say is that I really like it when people ask me to draw someone that wears mostly black. This took right about 30 min. to draw.

Whenever someone asks me to do a sketch for them, then says I can pick will ALWAYS be Spiderman wearing the black suit. It's basically a silhouette, without a face...and just a design on the front. Done. Next.

This wasn't necessarily that easy, I enjoyed trying to grab what I did know about his character and incorporate that into this drawing.

Spider Jerusalem  - 263

I can't necessarily recommend the title, because I haven't read it. I hear it's well done, and I also hear it's very much a mature readers only book. So please keep that in mind. 
However, you can get this series in trade along with many other great comics at my sponsor
Generally every thing is atleast 30-40% off, sometimes MORE!

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Snake Eyes Design part 2...

Okay so we've got the sword and hand gun easily taken care of. They carry on his back and the gun holstered on his right leg.  Now on to his other two weapons, the knife and UZI.

I've always drawn his sword coming straight up his spine. It could pivot as it was drawn to allow full extension, but go either way. I thought this could give him the option of drawing the sword with either hand. With the introduction of his Cuma Tak Ri, a combat knife based on the Kukri, I could make another blade available for his left hand and keep his sword tilted to the right. The Cuma Tak Ri was designed by a good friend Johnny Waysun Tsai, a martial artist and instructor in Chicago. Here's a link to find out more about the knife SE has been using!

I worked the sheath for the Tak-Ri into the back harness of Snake Eyes' webbing. I figure this would allow for a left handed quick draw from that angle.

Snake Eyes Design - 262

Here you can see in motion how SE would draw the knife, also the angled magazine pouches on his left leg. I love drawing these types of action panels and Snake Eyes is FULL of them!

Finally SE's classic UZI. I always had an issue with how SE was drawn with this UZI. It was usually depicted on a strap that would flail around him as he was jumping through the air and fighting. That never seemed practical to me (though artistically I can understand it always helped show motion). At the same time an UZI doesn't have a holster like a side arm, so how could I keep it tight to his body, but easily grabbed for use. I decided to harness it to the back of his belt with a few snapped straps.

I went with this idea WAAAAY back in 2008, but all through the series, he hardly used his UZI and I didnt have much use for him to carry all the gear in that pack.

You can see on the rear view I had his UZI strapped in tight underneath his pack.

But I thought after it's unsnapped, how could I have SE quickly snap it back into place. That didnt seem practical either. 

His more streamlined look. You can see how the Cuma Tak-Ri is harnessed along side his sword. And the UZI attached to his belt.
Shane Simek has just recently shown me the Chalker Sling, designed by Master Chief Dennis "Snake" Chalker. It's a way to clip his UZI into his chest harness after it's deployed and used. So this solved the problem that if he needed hands free, he could clip it easily and stow it later.

So there you go, Snake Eyes all suited up and ready to go.  And that's just 4 weapons to keep track of. Whew...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Snake Eyes Design Part 1...

I wanted to show a little bit about Snake Eyes' new designs Im using for this story arc.

 For those familiar with the animated GI JOE: Resolute and GI JOE: Renegades, you'll immediately see some appropriated details. Mostly the half toned sleeves, shoulder straps, knee pads and shin armor. I've also changed his boots to more closely resemble those interpretations.

From the Resolute design I used the chest harness, the gloves, knee pads and shin armor

From the 30th Anniversary figure I used the two toned arms and side panels on his midsection.
Snake Eyes Design - 261
I've also added canister grenades on his belt and a targeting system on his shoulder that would work wirelessly with the HUD in his visor. I haven't explored that as much, but it's where Im going with it. I thought it could pivot 360 degrees and give him a view of what's behind him.

I was a HUGE fan of GI JOE Resolute when it came out. I loved the version of SE in that. I tend to draw him with more mass, since i think of him more as a commando that's ninja trained. For me, that indicates a certain body type. But I wanted to incorporate a few details from Resolute. I liked him having his sword attached to the back of his waist belt and he'd draw it from the side instead of over his head. You can see on my cover I posted a couple of days ago that's how I originally had it. But I ran into a few design challenges. I couldn't have everything he carries sit on his belt, and other weapons needed that space.

Snake Eyes has 4 primary weapons that he uses on a regular basis in our story. His Katana (long sword), his Cuma Tak Ri (that wicked knife), an UZI submachine gun, and a 1911 Colt .45 hand gun as a side arm. So my challenge is how to equip him with these weapons that would be easiest to carry, draw the weapon (not artistically), and then wield the weapon. I've always assume SE was right handed. That would make it his sword arm, and I'd put his side arm on that leg.

On his left leg I have pouches to hold the magazines for his hand gun. I designed those to sit at an angle, just to look different, but also I'd think SE might be able to pull them faster at an angle.

This isn't exactly the design I use in the book, but it's from an illustration I did earlier in the year, and I liked how it looks. 

Already the changes I've made for the interior art makes the cover I drew inaccurate, and it drives me crazy. But most designs will evolve as you draw them through sequential art to find what makes the most sense or looks the best.

Part Two I'll describe the other weapons he's using...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

SnakeEyes vs....

Alright, so I've gotten the okay to show just a few panels or pages from the upcoming Snake Eyes book. There's been a lot that I've learned from doing my daily sketch blog this year. Various rendering techniques, lighting, refining anatomy. It's been cool to apply it to my pages and now to see the final result with each step of the comic process.
Snake Eyes #13 page start to finish! - 260
Here is one of the pages coming up just to show the different steps in making this comic. I get the approved script from Chuck, then work out the storytelling and draw the page with a level of finished pencils:

The next step is for Juan Castro, our inker, to go in over my lines with the inks. Even though I usually take the time to fill in my blacks, it's really up to Juan to establish the contrast necessary for the printing of the line work to come out clean and crisp. It's also his job to help create depth by adjusting the line weights and making my rendering indications clear and concise. 

Finally, Simon steps in to work his coloring magic. I remember I told my niece once about the comic process, and she stopped and said "wait, wait, someone actually gets paid just to color all day?" heh, she was around 6 at the time and thought I meant with crayons. Im pretty sure that was her dream job for about a year. Here you can see how Simon adds a ton of atmosphere to the scene, especially in that first panel for the background city. It helps push that silhouette of the train yard more to the foreground.

So this is our team for the upcoming arc on Snake Eyes (just like in issues 1-4). I couldn't be happier, this has been the closest knit creative group I've ever worked with. Every piece of art, with each step of the process gets sent to our editor's, Chuck, Juan, Simon and myself. We all encourage each other's work, and it puts an extra set of eyes critiquing the work as it comes in. It's been a fantastic camaraderie throughout!

I'll go into more detail with Snake Eyes' redesign tomorrow.

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Just scroll halfway down and you'll see Snake Eyes #13!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Snake Eyes #13...

I think I've mentioned it before here on the blog a few times, but I will be coming back on to the interior art for the Snake Eyes book for IDW as of issue #13. After talking my editor's I got the okay to post some preview images from that issue. I'm really pumped about this arc, obviously you can tell from the cover that Storm Shadow will have a lot to do with the story, so much so that he'll get shared credit for the new title!

For today's post I wanted to show the covers. I got to do both the A and the B cover for this month. IDW asked for a blank background specifically.

Snake Eyes 13 cover B - 259

Colors here by Simon Gough, and infact the hand guard of his sword on the colored versions you see is different. I was asked to revise that, so here you get Simon's official GI JOE/Snake Eyes drawing debut! Isn't it lovely folks!

This will be pretty close to the new costume for Snake Eyes for this series as of issue #13. I will talk about the slight redesign more tomorrow when I have some more preview art from the issue!

You can pre-order this issue now at:!!!

Follow this link and scroll down about halfway.  You can add the issue to your cart, with the awesome discounts at this store the issue is only $2.59 as opposed to the $3.99 in stores!

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

And then there were Four...wait what?

Alright, Finally we've gotten to the end of the inking on this bad boy! Our last addition to the Spider-man and his Amazing Symbiotic Friends is Toxin! Like I mentioned before, I honestly don't know much about this character. Im sure he has some kind of redeeming quality that warrants his existance. But honestly I can't even be bothered to take a min. to look him up on Wikipedia and find out. Actually, Im sure it's taking me longer to type this out then for me to physically type in a Google search, type in "Toxin, Marvel Comics", click on the Wikipedia link, and read the first paragraph to find out who this guy is....

Anyway, he kind of looks like the others. The end.

I call this piece "3 Awesome Symbiotes and that other guy" - 258

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

He's like Venom...but not.

Another character added to this crazy commission! Today's installment is Anti-Venom. In case you're wondering, he's kind of like Venom, but check it....lets change the white to black and the black to white...Ta Daaaaa! Anti-Venom!

Actually there's an interesting story behind the character, I won't go too much into it. The original Venom was Eddie Brock, who hated Spider-Man and was a big time baddie. Then he got sick and the Venom symbiote left. Then Brock got better and with a new lease on life wanted to be a good guy. In his mind that means killing bad guys. In the mean time, the Venom symbiote has attached itself to another villain previously known as the Scorpion.  Brock gets a new suit and starts terrorizing the underworld. Thats the long story short.

Tomorrow's character will be Toxin...another symbiote villain in the Spider-man universe...and I know even less about that dude. However Im going to guess that he has a creepy mouth, probably jumps around like spiderman, and has some kind of gooey costume... just guessing.

Venom, Carnage and Anti-Venom...oh my! - 257

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Our next goal is for $12,000, which will help us get another issue made in the series. It would be fantastic if we could get to that next goal, and you'd get a flippin' awesome commission too!

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Symbiote Partay pt 2.

Man....Im really behind on this thing. heh. But I'll catch up. Here is part 2 of this crazy awesome Spider-man villain commission. And it's not just any villain, it's a symbiotic party! If you didn't get an invitation....count your blessings.

Basically since the Venom character there have been 4 generations of alien symbioses that have plagued Peter Parker. I'm more familiar with Venom, and Carnage (the two you see here). There will also be added the characters, Anti-Venom and Toxin. I'll talk more about them as I add them. This has been another one of those commissions that started out as a Con sketch that got way out of hand with my schedule. Since it's so involved and complicated it's taken a back seat for too long. But this month, I set my theme aside and have been trying to buckle down and work though my commission list instead. It will be a good way for me to get through these great long standing commissions that people have been so patient for.

Venom and Carnage - 256

On another note:

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With another issue, that means more available rewards. For example another Original Inked cover by me for issue #5, more opportunities to get yourself or your loved ones drawn into the book as side character, or even written in as a REOCCURRING Character throughout the series!

We will be updating the campaign very soon. As much as you can share the link on your twitter, facebook or blog will make ALL the difference. 


Either Adder is kicking but or this Smiley grunt is LITERALLY break dancing. Im not sure.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Viper...the Saw variety

Another commission from the recent show. This made me want to do a series of Viper sketches. Even if it's like this head and torso shot, but a spotlight on each of the various kinds of Vipers in the Cobra ranks.

For those not in on the GI JOE lingo, a Viper is a Cobra soldier that has a higher level of specialty training than the regular Cobra Troopers. Think of your Viper being Special Forces vs. Army private kind of thing. There are dozens of Vipers, and for today's sketch I have a Saw Viper. This dude came around in the Marvel run on GI JOE and really gave them a run for their money for those couple of issues. In fact I did this sketch for a guy who had taken his whole run of GI JOE comics from the 80's and 90's and had them library bound into HUGE volumes. It was very well done, he brought a few to get signed by Larry and I used one of the books for reference on this sketch.

Saw Viper - 255

I generally can't bring myself to do a "quick sketch" but this is about the closest I'll come at a convention. I do these on 9x12 Bristol Board and charge about half as much as my larger full character commissions. 

I literally have just a handful of Exclusive Red Shadows posters left from the UK show!
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 Im going to post this fight scene panel by panel over the next few days. Inks by Juan Castro!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Remember the 90's...

Batman does, heh. Knightfall was a story arc that ran across the Batman titles back in the 90's. A very cool story line where the villain Bane is introduced and actually breaks Bruce Wayne's back. This was pretty huge, to take a DC marquee character and completely disable him. Well...he got better. Still while he was recovering another character took on the role of Batman in a costume that screams 90's comic books.

This was a sketch I did here at the Roll out Roll Call convention in the UK, so it was a nice change of pace to get to do some superhero sketches amid all the GI JOE stuff.

Knightfall Batman - 254

Original art 9x12, ink on Bristol Board

Just a few Exclusive Red Shadows posters left from the UK show!
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For our Elders of the RuneStone Kickstarter Campaign I'm going to post up a panel from the book each day as we count down to the cut off date. We are still not quite to our goal, so anything you can do to pledge and/or help spread the word we will really appreciate the help!
 Im going to post this fight scene panel by panel over the next few days. Inks by Juan Castro!

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Those Brits do love their Firefly...

Can you believe it. I go 5 years and only have drawn Firefly in a published book ONE time. It was for the Special Missions collected trade vol. 4 from IDW. He's on my blog header today. ONE TIME... It's kind of ridiculous really considering how cool this character is. But luckily I've been able to make up for it with a TON of Firefly commissions. I've done 5- full 11x17 commissions of this dude, this year alone! Crazy. Maybe its because the character is going to make it into the new movie, who knows. Im not complaining.

I like the commissions best when they can tell a bit of story. This commission was for a guy named Eddie, over in the UK. It was great,  he brought his whole family, his wife and two boys to the show. Whenever I see that, I think...Wow...either she's just as much of a comic nerd as him... or she REALLY loves that guy! Either way, she was a trooper and hung around for the entire show. He gave me the prompt to have Firefly some how planting a bomb and making it relate to the Arashikage dojo. So this was the result...

Firefly vs Ninjas - 253

I think this one in particular would look awesome colored up. I realized I didnt have any colored versions of my Firefly commissions. This might be a cool one to do. 

A lot of times I think people are worried about giving me too much direction on their commissions. And  there is a line there. Too much direction can hinder what I can do creatively. However, for the most part, this kind of story prompt is actually PERFECT! Just enough info for me to come up with a story. I almost ALWAYS go to town on those commissions and do a little extra because I dig telling a story with my art so much. When I get too much direction, it's generally someone telling me how to pose the figures or going into loads of specific details on where things need placed or asking for a specific style. I've only had to do a few of those, and honestly I think they never come out as well.

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For our Elders of the RuneStone Kickstarter Campaign I'm going to post up a panel from the book each day as we count down to the cut off date. We are still not quite to our goal, so anything you can do to pledge and/or help spread the word we will really appreciate the help!

Adder -  a.k.a. Butt-Kicker,  a.k.a. Name Taker

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Went to the UK and didn't even need an umbrella...

Today's sketch was  a cool chance to draw a soldier from the Umbrella Corporation from the Resident Evil game. This was actually for a guy at the con who dressed up like this. I took his picture and did a rendition based on the costume he put together for the show.

Resident Evil Umbrella Corp. Soldier - 252

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Red Shadows....

Another UK sketch done while I was here in the UK.

Definitely one of the differences between here and the UK is convenience. Im not saying its a good thing or a bad thing, but I often found ourselves trying to look for a place to eat any time after 6-7pm that isnt fast food like KFC, Subway or McDonald's. Here there would be any number of restaurants, or fast food places, even a Walgreens open 24 hours where you can grab a snack. Over in the UK restaurants that stay open that late get booked very quickly, and the pubs stop serving food after around 5-6pm and just serve drinks. It seemed like a lot of the English guys we hung out with were totally cool with eating a huge breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and loads of Beer or Ale for dinner. They seemed to think eating a big dinner was kind of a waste of time. I mean seriously...they could be drinking instead. heh. Its just a different culture for sure.

We all went out after the show, my wife and I, Larry Hama, Dave Tree(the guy who ran the convention) Simon Gough and his girlfriend. We walked down to this pub called the "Old Fat Cat" but there was about 5-6 police standing outside...never a good sign, and we walked in to this pub that had to be a couple hundred years old and there was a DJ there with turntable BLASTING dance music. Larry listened to it about 2 secs and turned to leave. heh. It was seriously too loud.

Then we tried a Carribean place called Turtle Bay, but it was booked full. We would have eaten at the hotel but the Chef quit right before dinner, so they weren't taking orders. By this point Larry was feeling really feint. You could see it on his face he was about to pass out since we hadnt eaten since about noon and it was about 9:30 by this time. There was a Subway close by, so Dave came to the rescue and grabbed Larry a quick sub. We finally found an italian place, got a table and then waited another hour for our food. It was crazy. We did eat right around 11:30 and got back to the hotel around midnight.

Luckily we were hanging out with some awesome people or that would have been completely terrible. As it turned out, it really gave me a chance to hang out with Simon in person and see Larry again. I can't say enough how awesome it was to meet Dave and get a chance to attend his show!

Red Shadows Soldier - 251

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Having an Optic Blast in London!

So London is pretty awesome, I must say! The only thing I have to compare it to is New York, but even then there are many differences. Quick run down...Everything is older, people dress cooler, food is cheaper (pubs are awesome), the subway (tube) is incredibly easy to navigate, but you have to pay to use a public restroom!?!

We got off this double decker bus around Big Ben today for a restroom break. We thought, "hey this is a busy spot, Im sure there's some public restrooms around here." Right, logical thinking. We go our separate ways for gender appropriate business. I turn the corner and there's this big black guy holding a turnstyle open for me to get into the bathroom. what? Why is there a turnstyle to get into a bathroom? What? Why is this guy being so helpful and creepy at the same time by "letting" me in to go pee? WHAT? He's saving me $.75 by doing this? WHAT?

Then a moment later I hear my wife's voice from down the echoed hall laughing about how she doesnt understand why she's have to pay to go to the bathroom! So this guy goes over to the Ladies room and reaches through the women's turnstyle so my wife can pee for free! I wanted to tell the guy thank you for saving us $1.50....but how do you look a man in the face and say "Thanks for helping us go pee for free. Cheers!"

So speaking of having a blast...

90's Cyclops - 250

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