Sunday, March 25, 2012


Since I've gotten home from the UK it's been a ridiculous whirlwind. I've had deadlines along with various family concerns that has all taken me away from my daily posting. So I'm sorry for the delay. Lately I've needed every minute I've had available to draw being put into pages, and covers and the few ridiculously outstanding commissions I've had.

To make up for the lag in posts I've been doing some quicker sketches, and found a few that I had done at a con that I forgot to post. But it's the only way Im going to get caught up with my current schedule. I wont have much to comment since I've got to post these up rapid fire like.

Thanks for checking back even though I've been so absent.

First off, this is a sketch I did for Lauren Sankovitch. She was my editor at Marvel for my Ult. Fantastic Four book and She Hulk I believe. She was great to work with and we've caught up at a few shows since then for a chat. She has this very cool leather sketchbook with "Marvel" embossed on the cover. As many artists as she can get that she's worked with, she tries to get a sketch from them. So this was a THING sketch for her.  I took two pages to draw this up, so it was nice and HUGE in the sketchbook! Thanks again Lauren!

Fantastic Four's THING - 265

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