Thursday, March 29, 2012

Beachhead....well kind of...

Over the last couple years I've been involved with a side project that I do illustrations for occassionally. There is a company called Corrosive Labs, and they produce shooting targets for shooting ranges and targets for practice with various government agencies, I believe. I've done a few now, and they wanted one in particular that had a baclava mask on. That was really the only stipulation, well, obviously the first person I thought of was Beachhead. Because he rocks the mask and is just awesome all around. For the final target we did the coloring differently so it wouldn't look like Beachhead, and his weapons and shirt are different. But I gave him a similar tactical vest and that mean scowl we all know and love. Make that mask green and throw some cammo on that dude and it's a pretty believable Beachhead. 

I'll show more of these targets off down the road. It's been a fun project to have on the side, especially when I see them full size. It's a huge poster that's nearly life size with a target lines placed over the image. I've rarely seen my art blown up so big, it usually is the other way around. 

BeachHead - 269

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  1. Man! That is a cool side project! Way to insert some Joe into it as well!


  2. Beach Head rocking a shotgun and RPG? YEAH!

  3. WOW! BeachHead looking FANTASTIC!!!