Saturday, March 31, 2012

Black Cat with Tiny Spidey...

The reason this isnt an "official" Spider-man themed week is because he's only going to show up as tiny sketches or in the backgrounds. I actually just had a few Spider-man related commissions to do and the sketch from yesterday to show. This commission is for a good friend David Chua a.k.a. Shane Simek's nemesis, a.k.a. one of my Joe Art sugar daddies

There are about 5-6 guys that are regular GI Joe art collectors. They've amassed some pretty amazing collections. I'll show off some of their home galleries soon.

Well Dave has been a long time collector and become a good friend. He now works at Marvel and at a recent show asked for a Black Cat. In my typical obsessive way, I couldnt just leave it at a single figure and a cool pose. So this happened...
Black Cat - 271

This is as much as I got done at the show. I'll be seeing Dave up at C2E2 in Chicago this April, and I realized I needed to wrap this up. I figured it would also be a great example of process as I post up the progression. I LOVE this character relationship between Black Cat, Felicia Hardy, and Spider-Man. She's in love with him, but as flattering as that would be for Peter Parker, he's got the lovely Mary Jane Watson back home. I appreciate Peter's integrity, even if it takes webbing Black Cat to the flag pole here to get away. 

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  1. Black Cat and Spidey are my OTP.
    Just thought I'd say that.

  2. Ahhh David,,,, a worthy adversary if ever there was one!
    We actually hung out a little at Heroes one year. It was more like we treated it as holy ground, knowing when next we crossed paths, it would be as enemies!