Friday, March 2, 2012

For every action....

There is an equal and opposite Beat Down!  Im pretty sure if the character Adder had a motto...this might be it. Though I might have to confer with RuneStone series writer/creator, Quinn Johnson, just to be sure.

Adder is one of those characters that, as a comic fan, I want to have in my stories. He brings the stoic vigilante action, the grace under pressure, ice in his veins type character....then you realize he just a teenager. And an awkward one at that.  So really how many of us were the most poplular kid in school, captain of the football, basketball, baseball teams? Well, Adder's character is certainly not that kid. Now imagine if you're in his shoes, AND you have the ability to kick the living crud out of 10 guys at once....Im pretty sure I know how I'd vent my high school frustrations. Pummeling criminals.

Elders of the RuneStone - Adder - 242

Again, the focus this week is to spotlight this awesome property I've had a chance to be a part of for years. In just 5 days we'll be launching a Kickstarter Campaign to help fund the first 4 issue arc. We are well under way with the art, and Quinn has the story written and done (for literally the next 30+ issues). I will post a link as soon as the Kickstarter page is live and you can check out all the great rewards you'll receive for pledging towards the project! 

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Also be sure to listen to the podcast Darkhan City Times hosted by Robert Atkins and Quinn Johnson. Links to previous episodes to the left of the blog!

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  1. This is looking awesome sir!

    Looking forward to this happening!

  2. Gonna add this to my comic sub box!! Very nice Rob!!!

  3. That is sweet. So sweet it made me have a farkward moment in class just seconds ago.

  4. Really enjoying these character profiles! Very cool introductions to these guys.