Saturday, March 10, 2012

Having an Optic Blast in London!

So London is pretty awesome, I must say! The only thing I have to compare it to is New York, but even then there are many differences. Quick run down...Everything is older, people dress cooler, food is cheaper (pubs are awesome), the subway (tube) is incredibly easy to navigate, but you have to pay to use a public restroom!?!

We got off this double decker bus around Big Ben today for a restroom break. We thought, "hey this is a busy spot, Im sure there's some public restrooms around here." Right, logical thinking. We go our separate ways for gender appropriate business. I turn the corner and there's this big black guy holding a turnstyle open for me to get into the bathroom. what? Why is there a turnstyle to get into a bathroom? What? Why is this guy being so helpful and creepy at the same time by "letting" me in to go pee? WHAT? He's saving me $.75 by doing this? WHAT?

Then a moment later I hear my wife's voice from down the echoed hall laughing about how she doesnt understand why she's have to pay to go to the bathroom! So this guy goes over to the Ladies room and reaches through the women's turnstyle so my wife can pee for free! I wanted to tell the guy thank you for saving us $1.50....but how do you look a man in the face and say "Thanks for helping us go pee for free. Cheers!"

So speaking of having a blast...

90's Cyclops - 250

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  1. LOL! Great story, I love it!

    Not a bad Cyclops either!

  2. That is hilarious about the public bathrooms. I forgot all about that. I should have mentioned that to you when we talked, but we actually didn't run into a situation where we had to use them when we were there, so it never dawned on me to mention that. You're right, there is no easy way to thank him for that without it sounding ridiculous. Glad you're having a great time. Awesome Cyclops!