Saturday, March 17, 2012

He's like Venom...but not.

Another character added to this crazy commission! Today's installment is Anti-Venom. In case you're wondering, he's kind of like Venom, but check it....lets change the white to black and the black to white...Ta Daaaaa! Anti-Venom!

Actually there's an interesting story behind the character, I won't go too much into it. The original Venom was Eddie Brock, who hated Spider-Man and was a big time baddie. Then he got sick and the Venom symbiote left. Then Brock got better and with a new lease on life wanted to be a good guy. In his mind that means killing bad guys. In the mean time, the Venom symbiote has attached itself to another villain previously known as the Scorpion.  Brock gets a new suit and starts terrorizing the underworld. Thats the long story short.

Tomorrow's character will be Toxin...another symbiote villain in the Spider-man universe...and I know even less about that dude. However Im going to guess that he has a creepy mouth, probably jumps around like spiderman, and has some kind of gooey costume... just guessing.

Venom, Carnage and Anti-Venom...oh my! - 257

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As a quick update for Elders of the RuneStone, Even though we met our initial $9000 goal the KickStarter campaign is still running for 16 more days! Even if you've already pledged, there are still more rewards left.

One of the great rewards here is an 11x17 inked commission from me for $150. Thats my convention rates, as opposed to my regular rate. That alone is a great deal, but you can get this commission for that price without having to come to a con!

It will be a full figure, any character that you choose and will be done, guaranteed by August! For some, thats a big deal because my commissions can get delayed. Right now my commission list is closed and will be for the rest of the year. The Kickstarter reward is the only way for you to get a commission from me this year outside of the convention. There are still some left to grab!

Our next goal is for $12,000, which will help us get another issue made in the series. It would be fantastic if we could get to that next goal, and you'd get a flippin' awesome commission too!

Check it out, the rewards are on the right!

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