Friday, March 30, 2012

Mini Spidey week...

Okay, because Im crazy behind on my blog this last week I'm going to squeeze in a mini themed week here before April officially starts.

I've had and on again- off again interest in Spiderman throughout my life of comic nerdery. For me it depended on who was writing and especially drawing the series that made me want to pick up a Spiderman story. I like it best when he's back to basics, but I'm sure most fans feel that way. I've only briefly worked on Amazing Spider-man and I was ecstatic about the opportunity, but I got the fill in issue that Spiderman didnt even appear in. It was mostly Peter Parker all throughout, and to make it even "better", it wasn't even Peter Parker! It was the Chameleon in disquise and just making Peter look like a  Class A Jerk the whole time.  oy.

I actually had the chance to continue on with Spider-man, I had the call from the editor and everything. It was either pick up some fill in issues and get established in the Spiderman office at Marvel, or take on the next 6 issues of GI JOE. My Spiderman editor understood (especially since he used to live in Springfield too, heh). GI Joe has been a fantastic opportunity for me and one that I've enjoyed immensely for the last 5 years.

And hey, I still get to draw Spider-Man from time to time, so best of both worlds right?

Spidey - 270

This is actually a really small drawing about 5x5 or so.
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  1. Hey man, no doubt you do an awesome Spidey--but I'm really glad you chose Joe!