Sunday, March 11, 2012

Red Shadows....

Another UK sketch done while I was here in the UK.

Definitely one of the differences between here and the UK is convenience. Im not saying its a good thing or a bad thing, but I often found ourselves trying to look for a place to eat any time after 6-7pm that isnt fast food like KFC, Subway or McDonald's. Here there would be any number of restaurants, or fast food places, even a Walgreens open 24 hours where you can grab a snack. Over in the UK restaurants that stay open that late get booked very quickly, and the pubs stop serving food after around 5-6pm and just serve drinks. It seemed like a lot of the English guys we hung out with were totally cool with eating a huge breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and loads of Beer or Ale for dinner. They seemed to think eating a big dinner was kind of a waste of time. I mean seriously...they could be drinking instead. heh. Its just a different culture for sure.

We all went out after the show, my wife and I, Larry Hama, Dave Tree(the guy who ran the convention) Simon Gough and his girlfriend. We walked down to this pub called the "Old Fat Cat" but there was about 5-6 police standing outside...never a good sign, and we walked in to this pub that had to be a couple hundred years old and there was a DJ there with turntable BLASTING dance music. Larry listened to it about 2 secs and turned to leave. heh. It was seriously too loud.

Then we tried a Carribean place called Turtle Bay, but it was booked full. We would have eaten at the hotel but the Chef quit right before dinner, so they weren't taking orders. By this point Larry was feeling really feint. You could see it on his face he was about to pass out since we hadnt eaten since about noon and it was about 9:30 by this time. There was a Subway close by, so Dave came to the rescue and grabbed Larry a quick sub. We finally found an italian place, got a table and then waited another hour for our food. It was crazy. We did eat right around 11:30 and got back to the hotel around midnight.

Luckily we were hanging out with some awesome people or that would have been completely terrible. As it turned out, it really gave me a chance to hang out with Simon in person and see Larry again. I can't say enough how awesome it was to meet Dave and get a chance to attend his show!

Red Shadows Soldier - 251

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