Thursday, March 8, 2012

Robert Atkins Art...UK Edition!

So tonight I'm hopping onto the plane to head over to London and then down to Southampton, UK for the "Roll Out Roll Call" 2012 convention. Dave at All the Cool Stuff, a comic shop there was nice enough to invite me to the show as a guest. It's my first time traveling out of the country...well besides that one incident....but besides that it's pretty excited to be headed out to meet the GI JOE and Action Force fans over in the UK.

I was asked to do a image for an exclusive print to be made and available at the show this weekend. I decided to draw the bad guys in Action Force, basically a Cobra equivalent, called the RED SHADOWS.

It was my first time drawing anything from Action Force and I really loved digging up all the reference and checking out the batch of toys Dave sent over to me. (thanks again Dave!) It really did take MONTHS for me to even think of an idea for this print. Then, actually I was sitting in our family mini-van about to drive to the gym with my wife and kids and I picked up a pen and scribble the layout for this on the back of a gas receipt. I got home and penciled and inked it in about 10 hours.

Simon then did a Bang up job on the colors to really sell it as an old, war propaganda poster. Simon will also be at the convention this weekend, turns out he lives about 30 min. away from the show! I'm excited to get the chance to meet my colorist I've collaborated with so much this last year!

Red Shadows - 248

Colors by Simon Gough


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  1. I'll be kicking in, but I have to say that Red Shadows print is FANTASTIC! Enjoy the UK, hope it's a great show...

  2. I'm already in! And to echo Jon, awesome Red Shadows print! Have a safe trip and a great time across the pond!