Saturday, March 24, 2012

Scarlett...been a long time comin'

Okay, confession time. I had this commission set up to do for Mike Fogg. He's actually a friend of my friend Mike Rice, and I took on the commission at a convention quite a while ago. Typically what happens is if I don't get to all the commissions on my list I might take home 1 or 2 if I think I can finish them up. What can happen, is that as soon as I'm back from a show my deadline schedule really kicks in and I'm using every bit of my drawing time to stay on top of my schedule. A week can go by, sometimes 2. I get the majority of them done within that time. Occasionally If my schedule it crazy or it slips through the cracks it might take longer.

I'm currently working through any of these I have outstanding for my blog posts in March and I'll keep working on them until they're all done. This Scarlett is one of those rare gems that really slipped through the cracks. Checking back in my records, I took this on at Heroes Con in 2009....!!!!! uh....So this is where the confession comes in. heh. I had completely forgotten about this. I think Mike might have as well, or atleast he forgot to bug me about it occasionally. Either way, it's been a ridiculously long time coming. Officially my longest outstanding con commission to date. Dang. So Mike will get this lovely Scarlett and a whole bundle of other stuff, books, prints and whatever I can find to cover my guilt.  The one benefit to any of you that have to wait for a commission, is that I can guarantee that I'm a better artist than I was when you originally commissioned me. So there's atleast that benefit.

Thanks Mike, you're the man!

GI JOE's Scarlett - 264

Original art 11x17 inked with Copic multiliner pens and brush pens. 
This took about 3 hours, mostly trying to find a pose I like 
and felt might be worth waiting 2 years for. 

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  1. If it were me, it's worth the wait. Excellent the crossbow.

  2. Very cool pin-up! The feel of it is pure Action! Yo Scarlett!