Monday, March 19, 2012

Snake Eyes #13...

I think I've mentioned it before here on the blog a few times, but I will be coming back on to the interior art for the Snake Eyes book for IDW as of issue #13. After talking my editor's I got the okay to post some preview images from that issue. I'm really pumped about this arc, obviously you can tell from the cover that Storm Shadow will have a lot to do with the story, so much so that he'll get shared credit for the new title!

For today's post I wanted to show the covers. I got to do both the A and the B cover for this month. IDW asked for a blank background specifically.

Snake Eyes 13 cover B - 259

Colors here by Simon Gough, and infact the hand guard of his sword on the colored versions you see is different. I was asked to revise that, so here you get Simon's official GI JOE/Snake Eyes drawing debut! Isn't it lovely folks!

This will be pretty close to the new costume for Snake Eyes for this series as of issue #13. I will talk about the slight redesign more tomorrow when I have some more preview art from the issue!

You can pre-order this issue now at:!!!

Follow this link and scroll down about halfway.  You can add the issue to your cart, with the awesome discounts at this store the issue is only $2.59 as opposed to the $3.99 in stores!

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  1. Pure awesome! Can't wait to see more!


  2. Love the "updated" look you've given all these characters. Still classic, but just enough modern.

  3. Absolutely incredible... can't wait to get the issues in my hands! And I agree with Scott entirely; the new look rocks.

  4. I know you artistically want to branch out and do other things, but can you PLEASE draw Snake Eyes for the rest of your life? You know how John Romita is to Spider-Man? Your like that to Snake Eyes.