Thursday, March 22, 2012

Snake Eyes Design part 2...

Okay so we've got the sword and hand gun easily taken care of. They carry on his back and the gun holstered on his right leg.  Now on to his other two weapons, the knife and UZI.

I've always drawn his sword coming straight up his spine. It could pivot as it was drawn to allow full extension, but go either way. I thought this could give him the option of drawing the sword with either hand. With the introduction of his Cuma Tak Ri, a combat knife based on the Kukri, I could make another blade available for his left hand and keep his sword tilted to the right. The Cuma Tak Ri was designed by a good friend Johnny Waysun Tsai, a martial artist and instructor in Chicago. Here's a link to find out more about the knife SE has been using!

I worked the sheath for the Tak-Ri into the back harness of Snake Eyes' webbing. I figure this would allow for a left handed quick draw from that angle.

Snake Eyes Design - 262

Here you can see in motion how SE would draw the knife, also the angled magazine pouches on his left leg. I love drawing these types of action panels and Snake Eyes is FULL of them!

Finally SE's classic UZI. I always had an issue with how SE was drawn with this UZI. It was usually depicted on a strap that would flail around him as he was jumping through the air and fighting. That never seemed practical to me (though artistically I can understand it always helped show motion). At the same time an UZI doesn't have a holster like a side arm, so how could I keep it tight to his body, but easily grabbed for use. I decided to harness it to the back of his belt with a few snapped straps.

I went with this idea WAAAAY back in 2008, but all through the series, he hardly used his UZI and I didnt have much use for him to carry all the gear in that pack.

You can see on the rear view I had his UZI strapped in tight underneath his pack.

But I thought after it's unsnapped, how could I have SE quickly snap it back into place. That didnt seem practical either. 

His more streamlined look. You can see how the Cuma Tak-Ri is harnessed along side his sword. And the UZI attached to his belt.
Shane Simek has just recently shown me the Chalker Sling, designed by Master Chief Dennis "Snake" Chalker. It's a way to clip his UZI into his chest harness after it's deployed and used. So this solved the problem that if he needed hands free, he could clip it easily and stow it later.

So there you go, Snake Eyes all suited up and ready to go.  And that's just 4 weapons to keep track of. Whew...


  1. The new design looks great and I love how you were able to include Renegades and Resolute elements! Way to keep SE modern!

    Really glad you are going with the Chalker sling, I think it will be a great piece of gear for any Joe, especially Snake Eyes!

  2. The attention to detail here is mind-blowing... you bring up so many points that make perfect sense, but would probably slip right past someone who didn't have to consider the logistics of movement for a very active character. I love that the sling was designed by someone who has hands-on knowledge of the needs of active duty personnel... you've got a great R&D team behind you!

    I am so sending the link to the knife to my brother-in-law, who loves that sort of thing... and maybe to my sister-in-law, with a hint that it might make a good Christmas present!

  3. Great work with the sling. That loose uzi that used to flap around always struck me as a concussion waiting to happen!

  4. As much as I love colour, I want a black and white Mr Atkins comic so bad

  5. Awesome stuff once again. To echo "CSV", one doesn't realize all that has to be thought of to show movement and action and things of that nature. Thank you for walking us through your thought process. Very interesting.