Tuesday, March 20, 2012

SnakeEyes vs....

Alright, so I've gotten the okay to show just a few panels or pages from the upcoming Snake Eyes book. There's been a lot that I've learned from doing my daily sketch blog this year. Various rendering techniques, lighting, refining anatomy. It's been cool to apply it to my pages and now to see the final result with each step of the comic process.
Snake Eyes #13 page start to finish! - 260
Here is one of the pages coming up just to show the different steps in making this comic. I get the approved script from Chuck, then work out the storytelling and draw the page with a level of finished pencils:

The next step is for Juan Castro, our inker, to go in over my lines with the inks. Even though I usually take the time to fill in my blacks, it's really up to Juan to establish the contrast necessary for the printing of the line work to come out clean and crisp. It's also his job to help create depth by adjusting the line weights and making my rendering indications clear and concise. 

Finally, Simon steps in to work his coloring magic. I remember I told my niece once about the comic process, and she stopped and said "wait, wait, someone actually gets paid just to color all day?" heh, she was around 6 at the time and thought I meant with crayons. Im pretty sure that was her dream job for about a year. Here you can see how Simon adds a ton of atmosphere to the scene, especially in that first panel for the background city. It helps push that silhouette of the train yard more to the foreground.

So this is our team for the upcoming arc on Snake Eyes (just like in issues 1-4). I couldn't be happier, this has been the closest knit creative group I've ever worked with. Every piece of art, with each step of the process gets sent to our editor's, Chuck, Juan, Simon and myself. We all encourage each other's work, and it puts an extra set of eyes critiquing the work as it comes in. It's been a fantastic camaraderie throughout!

I'll go into more detail with Snake Eyes' redesign tomorrow.

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  1. Very impressive Robert! You and the guys make quite a team, that page looks fantastic!

  2. These process treatments are fun. In the second panel, the colorist did a good job of pushing the background characters further back with a color-hold as well. I'm looking forward to stacking trades of this collection on the future shelf of the Sequential Military Art Journal! I would say "my shelf" but that might confuse my accountant, who is also me. =P

  3. Love the process posts you do... very educational for aspiring artists, and just plain fun for the rest of us. Any chance that in a future post you could shed some light on how you go from script to illustration concept? Personally, I'd love to see how much of a particular page is artist interpretation and how much is scripted... though I'd suppose that varies with how long you've worked with a particular writer, and how OCD-leaning said writer is (in a good way, of course - I can be a bit OCD myself!)

    And I agree with Shane - you, Juan, and Simon really bring out the best in each other's work. Always a joy to see you guys working together.

  4. This is very cool stuff! It's great to have the three of you guys back on this book. I appreciate your explantion of the inker's role--I think a lot of the times they don't get the respect or recognition they deserve for what they bring to the process. Simon's colors also really makes everything pop. I like how you pointed out the impact of the color on the top panel and how it changes your perception of the scene. The colors also give us a better sense of your redesign of Snake Eyes look--namely the grey on his sleeves. That, along with the kneepads and webgear not only modernizes his appearance further but ties in the more recent Resolute and Renegades versions of the character. Looking forward to seeing more on that!