Friday, March 23, 2012

Spider Jerusalem...

This is just a quick post today. Another convention sketch of the character Spider Jerusalem. I've never read the book Transmetropolitan. What I know about the book is it really set the mold, along with Preacher and a few other titles,  for the line Vertigo books that DC Comics publishes.

But like I said I don't know enough about the character to go into what I think about him or the book. What I will say is that I really like it when people ask me to draw someone that wears mostly black. This took right about 30 min. to draw.

Whenever someone asks me to do a sketch for them, then says I can pick will ALWAYS be Spiderman wearing the black suit. It's basically a silhouette, without a face...and just a design on the front. Done. Next.

This wasn't necessarily that easy, I enjoyed trying to grab what I did know about his character and incorporate that into this drawing.

Spider Jerusalem  - 263

I can't necessarily recommend the title, because I haven't read it. I hear it's well done, and I also hear it's very much a mature readers only book. So please keep that in mind. 
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