Friday, March 9, 2012

Still Across the pond...

Sorry, I've been lapse in getting the posts up on my blog. The hotel I was staying in for the UK GI JOE and TF convention had limited wifi service. I'm in London now, and the hotel has wifi in the room, so I should be set until I get back.

I had a lot of fun at the show, and have REALLY enjoyed my visit to the UK so far. All the fans at the show were incredibly gracious  and fun to talk to. It's pretty neat to notice all the subtle differences in how we talk or dress, or words to describe things. One guy asked if I wanted a "biscuit"...? I said no...because I wasnt that hungry and I didnt see any sausage gravy to put on it. Besides I was in the mood for something sweet. Then he came around with a plate of cookies, and I asked if I could have a cookie. He said, "oh you mean a biscuit, sure!"

The next day we went out to dinner at a pub and I ordered "Bangers and Mash" Basically it's 2 link sausages, mash potatoes, peas and (I Quote) a "Jug of Gravy"....That sounded AWESOME to me. At home, what do you buy in a jug? Milk, Orange Juice...Moonshine. When I get my food I  got my sausages, mashed potatoes, peas...and this little gravy boat about the size of a tea cup!?! seriously dissapointed in the term Jug of Gravy.

Well, even with that disappointment I've had the chance to do some fun sketches for the GI JOE and Action Force fans here in Southampton and those that traveled down for the show.

FireFly in London - 249

Also, I can't say how AMAZED I've been at the support we've seen in the last few days for our
Elders of the RuneStone KickStarter Campaign! We're already over halfway to meeting our goal! Thanks to everyone who has taken the time and effort to pledge!

We still have some great rewards available! All those that have pledged or even if you can't pledge at this time, but want to support the project, Please take the time to share the link on Facebook and post the link on Twitter when you can! Be sure to click on the art at the top of the page to view the video Quinn put together.

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  1. I love it, I've always wanted to go to a foreign convention, you should come to Canada on your way back for Wizard World!

  2. I will be at the Canadian Joe Con in August! It's in Toronto. Come if you can!

  3. That picture is amazing!!!

  4. AWESOME Firefly!


  5. That is an amazing drawing! Looks like Firefly got the upper hand. Funny story about the vocabulary, too.