Friday, March 16, 2012

Symbiote Partay pt 2.

Man....Im really behind on this thing. heh. But I'll catch up. Here is part 2 of this crazy awesome Spider-man villain commission. And it's not just any villain, it's a symbiotic party! If you didn't get an invitation....count your blessings.

Basically since the Venom character there have been 4 generations of alien symbioses that have plagued Peter Parker. I'm more familiar with Venom, and Carnage (the two you see here). There will also be added the characters, Anti-Venom and Toxin. I'll talk more about them as I add them. This has been another one of those commissions that started out as a Con sketch that got way out of hand with my schedule. Since it's so involved and complicated it's taken a back seat for too long. But this month, I set my theme aside and have been trying to buckle down and work though my commission list instead. It will be a good way for me to get through these great long standing commissions that people have been so patient for.

Venom and Carnage - 256

On another note:

has officially been funded!
We've met our first goal of $9000 in just 12 days!
To say that we're excited is a ridiculous understatement!

HOWEVER it doesn't stop there! we still have 17 days to make the most of this Fundraiser. Quinn and I are building a second tier to the campaign and raising the goal to $12,000. The project will still be funded,  but with each $3000 that is raised, it means another issue can hit the shelves and ultimately be in your hands!

With another issue, that means more available rewards. For example another Original Inked cover by me for issue #5, more opportunities to get yourself or your loved ones drawn into the book as side character, or even written in as a REOCCURRING Character throughout the series!

We will be updating the campaign very soon. As much as you can share the link on your twitter, facebook or blog will make ALL the difference. 


Either Adder is kicking but or this Smiley grunt is LITERALLY break dancing. Im not sure.

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