Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Those Brits do love their Firefly...

Can you believe it. I go 5 years and only have drawn Firefly in a published book ONE time. It was for the Special Missions collected trade vol. 4 from IDW. He's on my blog header today. ONE TIME... It's kind of ridiculous really considering how cool this character is. But luckily I've been able to make up for it with a TON of Firefly commissions. I've done 5- full 11x17 commissions of this dude, this year alone! Crazy. Maybe its because the character is going to make it into the new movie, who knows. Im not complaining.

I like the commissions best when they can tell a bit of story. This commission was for a guy named Eddie, over in the UK. It was great,  he brought his whole family, his wife and two boys to the show. Whenever I see that, I think...Wow...either she's just as much of a comic nerd as him... or she REALLY loves that guy! Either way, she was a trooper and hung around for the entire show. He gave me the prompt to have Firefly some how planting a bomb and making it relate to the Arashikage dojo. So this was the result...

Firefly vs Ninjas - 253

I think this one in particular would look awesome colored up. I realized I didnt have any colored versions of my Firefly commissions. This might be a cool one to do. 

A lot of times I think people are worried about giving me too much direction on their commissions. And  there is a line there. Too much direction can hinder what I can do creatively. However, for the most part, this kind of story prompt is actually PERFECT! Just enough info for me to come up with a story. I almost ALWAYS go to town on those commissions and do a little extra because I dig telling a story with my art so much. When I get too much direction, it's generally someone telling me how to pose the figures or going into loads of specific details on where things need placed or asking for a specific style. I've only had to do a few of those, and honestly I think they never come out as well.

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