Thursday, March 15, 2012

Viper...the Saw variety

Another commission from the recent show. This made me want to do a series of Viper sketches. Even if it's like this head and torso shot, but a spotlight on each of the various kinds of Vipers in the Cobra ranks.

For those not in on the GI JOE lingo, a Viper is a Cobra soldier that has a higher level of specialty training than the regular Cobra Troopers. Think of your Viper being Special Forces vs. Army private kind of thing. There are dozens of Vipers, and for today's sketch I have a Saw Viper. This dude came around in the Marvel run on GI JOE and really gave them a run for their money for those couple of issues. In fact I did this sketch for a guy who had taken his whole run of GI JOE comics from the 80's and 90's and had them library bound into HUGE volumes. It was very well done, he brought a few to get signed by Larry and I used one of the books for reference on this sketch.

Saw Viper - 255

I generally can't bring myself to do a "quick sketch" but this is about the closest I'll come at a convention. I do these on 9x12 Bristol Board and charge about half as much as my larger full character commissions. 

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For our Elders of the RuneStone Kickstarter Campaign I'm going to post up a panel from the book each day as we count down to the cut off date. We are still not quite to our goal, so anything you can do to pledge and/or help spread the word we will really appreciate the help!

 Im going to post this fight scene panel by panel over the next few days. Inks by Juan Castro!

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  1. Those books were amazing! This sketch is great by the way, love the design on these guys.

  2. Great sketch--and a series of all the different Vipers would be AWESOME! Standard, Strato, Techno, HEAT, Alley, Range, Night, Motor, Jungle, Frag, Para, Hazard, Ninja . . . that's all I can think of off the top of my head . . .


  3. Oh yeah, and Tele!


  4. And Aero,Track, Ice, and Rock . . .

    And I'm done now.


  5. That sketch was for me actually! Glad you liked the books. Great to meet you Robert and you too Simon.