Friday, April 6, 2012

Avengers April Black Knight Inks...

Here's the finished sketch. My wife thinks I spend waaaay too much time on this blog. As usual, she's completely right. I'm glad, because it's so comfortable for me to say that. I consider it a testament to how happily married I am, heh. So periodically I'll be breaking these character sketches into two days. I know that throws off my month of 30 characters. Still, I'll do my best to fit in as many as my schedule allows.

Its very important for me to see these as finished ink drawings. I learn a lot by finishing them, and that is the whole point of the blog. Well, that and getting to draw superheroes all day.

I don't have much history with this character. The books I've read when he's a member, he always seemed like a character there to fill the roster. I don't mean that in a bad way, I just never got much character from him in the stories I remember. If someone who is a fan of the Black Knight can let me know which issues or story arcs are the real character defining moments for him, then I can go to the con this weekend and find some back issues.

Avengers April - Black Knight Inks - 277

"I know I dropped my keys around here somewhere...."

 Original Art
9x12 ink on Bristol Board. 
To Purchase, email subject "Black Knight" to


  1. Good luck sticking to the goal... It is a sketch after all:) Love you!!

  2. For anyone wondering, that last anonymous post was my wife posting on my was not Shane Simek.

  3. I would only have posted one of those comments! LOL

  4. And Black Knight was the team leader during the Bob Harras/Steve Epting run!

  5. And don't forget he was team leader of Ultra Force too haha

    1. Damn shame that this sold already. Well...just a shame that I was too late :-P It's good that it sold.

    2. Good call on Ultra Force! I never read it but loved the art!

    3. When Black Knight first appeared in Ultraforce George Perez did the art. BK appeared in the UF universe during the Epting and Harras run. It was at the end of the battle with Proctor. I really enjoyed that stuff too.